Apr 14, 2019

Amazon Top Sellers


1.This ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER was made popular by Kendall Jenner. It’s known to help calm and relieve anxiety. I bought one for my daughter at night to help her stay calm at bedtime. It’s like her own little spa oasis. I have one in my bedroom now as well. I have the GRAPEFRUIT ESSENTIAL OIL & EUCALYPTUS essential oils. The grapefruit oil goes great with my candles.My house smells better than soulcycle. Gosh I love that smell. This diffuser is also found at Free People.

2.This WATER CUP + STRAW have so many reviews. Can’t wait to get mine. I’m always looking for ways to get myself to drink more water.

3.Okay, do you use a WEIGHTED BLANKET? I have a friend who uses it and it helps her feel secure, safe and warm at night while she sleeps. I just ordered it for my daughter who has a little anxiety at night.

4.I’ve been trying this BRIGHT SKIN with licorice root in it. It’s made to keep any hyperpigmentation at bay. Say good bye to brown spots. If you don’t get hyperpigmentation this helps keeps your skin glowy and bright. Apply under your moisturizer.

5.I just found out about this CELLULITE MASSAGE LOTION. It’s meant to tone, tighten and moisurizer stubborn areas with cellulite. I’m giving it a try. Planning a trip to Miami soon and I have my own cellulite spots. ughhhh, why is it so annoying!

6.The most sold and loved DRESS on amazon right now. I like it tied in a knot and in grey.

7.This ROSE GOLD BRUSH SET combo is gorggggg. It’s trending right now everywhere.

8.I get VITAMIN B12 shots weekly. I’ve seen a difference for sure. You can get them HERE. These were recommended by my naturopath doctor as one of the greatest on the market. Vitmain iB is amazing for mental focus, clarity, mood and overall healthy positive outlook on life. I notice it in my clarity and mental focus. I get brain fog easy (due to gluten allergy) and this helps alot!

9.Do yourself a favor and get this ARGAN OIL HAIR MASK. It’s so hydrating and healing. I’ve been using it on my girls too and it helps split ends so much. I feel like their hair is also getting thicker.

10.Remember the SKIN CARE FRIDGE I have and love. I found a couple more you might like in all sizes. I keep my JADE ROLLER, eye creams and face masks in it. Cold products can best beat inflammation, decrease puffiness and help with anti-aging.

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