Top 5 Cardigans and Concert Tees

I’ve been wearing A LOT of cardigans this pregnancy. It helps hide all the extras happening to my body and keeps me comfortable when I’m out and about running errands and with the kids. Another perk is I don’t have to go up a size in them, so they will last me for a long time! Adding concert tees is a fun way to change up my standard plain tees I normally wear. I just got this one recently as well as this one.IMG_5477



Top 5 Cardigans:

1. I just took outfit pics wearing this long striped one today. You’ll be seeing it next week!

2.This ribbed cardigan I’m wearing in today’s post. It’s great quality and I know will last for years!

3. I wore this gray waffle cardigan in this post. I wear it often!

4. I love love love this white cardigan! It’s perfect to transition into spring.

5. Now 40% off, look how incredibly cozy this one looks!

Top 5 Concert Tees

1.I love the sleeve details on this Queen shirt! It’s super soft too.

2. Jeff and Goldie’s favorite band right here…

3. The fit on this Lennon tee is perfect!

4. I really want this Pink Floyd tee!

5. I just wore this tee to Costco and errands yesterday. It’s a good one!

XXO lisa

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  1. Alexa says:

    I need to know where those booties are from

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