Weekend Deals

1. This FLORAL DRESS has been a favorite to wear, as shown HERE! Now on major sale and would make a great addition to this post!

2. I LOVE the hem on these jeans, now 50% off!

3. These SANDALS, now 40% off! Also loving THESE, now 50% off!

4. Jenna and I both love this KNIT CARDIGAN as shown HERE and HERE. Now on sale!

5. I have these ALO LEGGINGS in the cropped version. Full length now on sale!

6. This METALLIC BOMBER finally went on sale! Get.It. It’s $160 off the original price. First worn in THIS POST.

7. I loved wearing this STRIPE RUGBY SWEATER! Wearing a XS as shown HERE. Now on sale!

8. I loved wearing these BLACK JEANS before I got pregnant. Now price-matched!

9. These POPULAR platforms, now 20% off!

10. Either you love these PLATFORMS or you despise them. Either way, I found mine on sale at one shop for $400 off original price! You can see them worn in one my FAVORITE POSTS I’ve done.

XXO lisa

Between price-matching and online sales I’ve found LOTS of fun Free People pieces up to 50% off! First up, this loose cardigan! Comes in several colors and now 40% off!

Do you remember this post? Now 40% off this TUNIC!

Look how pretty this CORAL KIMONO is! I should add it to this post!

I have this MILITARY JACKET in black as shown here. Army green now on sale!

 This MAXI SKIRT …now on promo! Get. It.

Avery, my oldest has this MINI DRESS in blue. It’s adorable on her!

We all need this GAUZE TOP for spring!

Love my SWING JACKET I wore in this post. Now 40% off! RESIZED-OrangeJacket-3


XXO lisa