Favorite Color for Fall

I’m crushing on anything yellow this fall. This color is everywhere and I finally tried it on for the first time. I was really surprised at how much I’ve been wearing it.  Have you tried this color on yet? I think it’s pretty on everyone.


I wear shoes all the time. First thing I put on when I wake up and last thing I take off at night. I don’t like my feet to touch the ground, ever. I’ve been known to wear shoes to bed haha. And if you have a no shoe policy at your house, please reconsider. 🙂

Sugar Addict – yep that’s me. Not super proud of this but I’m getting better. I can eat an entire box of Milk Duds in 2 minutes flat. Candy doesn’t make me sick. I literally stopped going to the movie theatre so I wouldn’t eat so much candy. I get this from my Grandpa Randall. My brother is the very same way. I guess there are worse things to be addicted to.

I need people. I loved living in NYC because I was constantly surrounded by people. I value friendships. Girlfriends are so important to me.

I’m mormon and have a strong faith in God. I find that this belief has given me peace and hope when life throws curveballs.

I’m sensitive. I cry during commercials. You know the St.Jude ones?? I can’t even watch. I can sit through the Sarah McLaughlin animal adoption ones now without tearing up.

I’m an esthetician. I worked in NYC and Kristin Chenoweth was a client. I remember sitting in her living room waiting to start a treatment while she had to run through a few songs with her pianist. I heard her Carnegie Hall concert rehearsal in her living room! I remember thinking in that moment that I was so grateful for the path my job had given me. I thanked God right in that moment for letting me meet such an amazing person. A month later Gwen got super sick and Kristin and her team were so generous and kind to Gwen while she was in the hospital. I learned some life lessons sitting on her couch chatting while I provided my services. One I’ll never forget was her kindness toward everyone. Even when people did her wrong or said awful things about her. She still said out loud that she wished them well and didn’t let it affect the amount of sunshine she put into the world.

I had three kids in three different cities. San Francisco, Chicago, NYC

I was voted biggest health nut in high school. I wish that was still true. 🙂

Spontaneous is my middle name. I can’t sit still, I fly by the seat of my pants. I’ve learned to be a little better at planning but sometimes plans get in my way! I’m all about seeing new things and falling in love with new places.

My Maiden name is Randall. So when I got married I just added a “C”. I’m also older than my hubby. 🙂 #cougar

I make a killer chocolate chip cookie, thanks to my friend Sara.

I’m learning to live a gluten free life. This is a new one for me this year. My grandma also died of colon cancer in her early 50’s. This year I’m becoming more aware of my health and diet. It’s hard!

I grew up riding horses. I even did a few rodeos! I danced and did cheer my entire life. Chloe (my youngest)  is starting dance next month with the New York City Ballet and I can’t even believe it. She’s way ahead of where I ever was and she is 6!

I love routines at night. I take a bubble bath every single night. I’m a product junkie and love trying out new lotions and potions before bed.

I believe if everyone exercised a little more kindness, the world would be a better place.

Fall is my very favorite season of all!



this minidress in yellow combo is amazing. so good with skinny jeans and knee high boots.

another yellow dress

this Ulla Johnson dress is so pretty. I’d love to wear this during fashion week


4 responses to “Favorite Color for Fall”

  1. Libby says:

    Jenna, I met you in elementary school in AZ. I only lived in the area a short time, but have fond memories (lots of photos) of you and your silliness. I followed your blog for awhile before recognizing you. Your about me was fun to read today. Love your style, girl. Lisa, too, and I shop your links often. You two provide the perfect daily fashion pit stop. Keep it up!
    ~ Libby

    • jenna says:

      ahhh Libby! I remember all those fun times. Thanks for saying hi. I’d love to connect with you. Are you on instagram? I’m jenna_crandall. Let’s catch up. Hope all is well. XX

  2. Steffanie Clark says:

    I have been a long time follower and love your blog! I think you are just beautiful inside and out! Thanks for all your fashion finds and beauty tips!

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