Eyelet + 3 things on my mind…

Do you remember this FRIDAY 5? One of my top picks was this EYELET SLEEVE top. I said it’s a good one, and it really is. Paired with these STRAPPY SANDALS ( flat version here) also from a previous FRIDAY 5.




3 things on my mind…

1.I have two scents in my home that I love. On our main level I have this CANDLE burning every day. Up in the NURSERY/Goldie’s room I have this SCENT. It’s so light and clean, perfect for a kids room or a bathroom. They are both year round favorites of mine!

2.Did you see my post on MACROS earlier this week? Yesterday was a total fail. I went the entire day on this: 100 cal protein drink (20 grams of protein), 10 chips with salsa, beef jerky. That’s it and that is terrible. In my 20’s I wouldn’t be so worried when I’d get lost in my daily activities with kids and forget to eat. Now, in my mid 30’s I know I have to EAT to in order to lose weight and not beat down my metabolism.

3. I started to sleep train Ozzy. Avery and Poppy were BabyWise babies and it was a dream. Goldie was not. I wasn’t sure what I would do with Ozzy, then a baby sleep coach reached out to me and offered her online services. I was still on the fence and then had 2 nights back to back with Ozzy awake every 1-2 hours in the night. I woke up grumpy and tired. Next day my sleep deprived self emailed Tiffany back and signed up. I’ll let you know how it goes..

XXO lisa

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