Hi everyone! I’m sitting here on my laptop with a view of some major June Gloom. It’s a real thing here on the coast of California. I actually don’t mind it. Feels like fall in June. Plus, I’m not swimsuit ready so…I really don’t mind beach days when I can wear a few extra layers.;)
Look how incredible these BOLD sleeves are! I first posted this top on my Friday 5. It’s one of the best tops in my closet right now! I paired this with some HIGH WAISTED denim, GOLD sunglasses, and SUEDE heels. I would also wear this under this JUMPSUIT or tucked into this PENCIL skirt. 

Lisa Allen wearing a bold sleeve anther top with AGolde denim, Jimmy Choo shoes and MCM  sunglasses

Lisa Allen wearing a bold sleeve anther top with AGolde denim, Jimmy Choo shoes and MCM sunglasses


beauty side notes: I test a lot of lipgloss. I mean I’ve bought $30-40 glosses before (don’t tell my mom, she’ll think she did something wrong as a parent;)) I keep finding I always come back to my all time favorite color (strawberry) and guess what? It’s only $4.99!! I keep one in my car, one in Jeff’s car and one in my makeup bag. Try it, it’s the perfect semi-sheer berry pink and not sticky at all.

I finally found and tried the Kristin Ess line of haircare. First, they smell amazing. I bought 4 products to test. Her DRY SHAMPOO was my favorite from the line and I will buy again! My least favorite which I returned was the LEAVE-IN spray. To be fair, it might be good. I’m just partial to It’s a 10. Her SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER were average. But, I love the smell so much I will probably buy the conditioner again and use as shaving cream.

Have a great day! XXO lisa


I bought this TB TOP the last week I was pregnant. I mean, look at those sleeves!!! I knew I had to get it. So unreal. Statement sleeves are such a huge trend right now and for good reason. Paired with these HIGH WAISTED jeans and some PLATFORMS to complete my look. Check out some of my favorites below. Lisa Allen wearing a Tory Burch Top and AGOLDE denim with Jimmy Choo Heels


XXO lisa