PCA Product Launch + Giveaway

PCA launched new products! I’ve been trying them out for the past 30 days and I’m addicted! The new “ideal complex” for eyes is the best I’ve tried. Get rid of puffiness, dark circles and you can even apply this to  your eye lids to prevent sagging skin. It’s the perfect combination for youthful eyes. The eye treatment comes in cream or gel form. You can take a look at before & after pictures here. PCA is also excited about the new C & E strength. My skin texture is changing and looking healthier. The tone and brown spots are fading due to the vitamin C. This is the first product on the market to carry the max amount of vitamin C to your skin. You need to try this!

PCAC&E Strength Max is the only product on the market that contains the maximum amounts of pure L-ascorbic acid at 20% and pure tocopherol at 5% in a completely stable formula. Dramatic results can be seen within one week. Vitamin C is the ticket to restoring youthful skin.


 C & E  / PCA EYE CREAM & GEL / Rebecca Taylor Lace  Top / Black Denim /

My Morning Skin Routine

Cleanse Skin with Creamy Cleanser

Tone skin with Nutrient Toner

Revitalizing Serum & Hydrating Serum – mix 2 drops of each in hand & apply all over face and neck

apply C & E 

Apply Hydrator Plus with sunscreen – obsessed with this moisturizer and the big bonus it has SPF 30 that you can’t even feel

I use this Peptide Lip Therapy on my lips every morning to keep them hydrated and smooth

PCA eye cream

Enter our PCA new product giveaway and win all 3 products

Good Luck!



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everything under $50

That’s right..everything here is UNDER $50!! Happy shopping!






graphic tees & leather vests

 Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee? From concert to catchy phrases, graphic tees are everywhere! You know how I feel about my favorite v-necks from Current/Elliott, so I had to give the vintage long sleeve concert tee a try. Perfect loose fit, thin, and soft. All things I look for in a good tee. I paired it with this vegan vest from Free People. I really can’t say enough good things about this vest! It’s amazing, really! One thing I really love is the seam all the way around the front is wired so you can keep it stiff or scrunch it like I did for a more casual, worn look. This vest won’t last long, so grab it!



 concert tees

Vegan Vest | Current/Elliott Graphic Tee | Ray-Bans | Jeans | Leopard Booties (old. Loving THESE & THESE)photo 3-5 copy


dress it up

I really like to dress up. Most of my closet is filled with silk blouses, skirts and dresses. It doesn’t mean I get to wear them all the time, but dressing up is so fun to do! It’s one of the reasons I love Sundays. It’s an excuse to get fancy. Always Sunday best!



my heart


Free People Top / Jeans $59 / Michael Kors Boots / Black Ray-Bans / Clhei gold Tote

Gwen - Leopard Booties / Socks / Vince shirt dress


Free People Top / Jeans $59 / Michael Kors Boots / Black Ray-Bans / Clhei gold Tote

Gwen - Leopard Booties / Socks / Vince shirt dress

Like any mother, my heart beats for my kids. I would do absolutely anything to make sure they feel loved, to remind them they are appreciated, and to keep them safe and protected. That’s why last Tuesday my little Gwen gave me a huge scare. What started off as a minor cold in the morning ended up as three-day trip to the hospital via ambulance that evening.

As I look back on a really hard week for our family—and especially for our sweet girl– I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly thankful for all of the events that led to Gwen’s recovery. On Tuesday morning I was early to my exercise class, so I took a rare moment before class started to sit in my car and organize the handouts I received from school that morning at “drop-off.” One of the papers in particular stood out to me; it was a pamphlet describing the symptoms of EnterOvirus, a violent flu-like virus that recently breached pockets of the Northeast corridor, New Jersey and New York. I sat in the driver’s seat and read all three pages of it, not knowing later that day I would come to know the effects of this virus in a very real and personal way. When I picked Gwen up from school on Tuesday afternoon she was her usual spunky and happy self. As is our routine, we stayed for a good hour on the playground so she could play on the monkey bars, swinging back and forth, back and forth. When we got home, however, I knew something wasn’t quite right. Immediately she turned to me and said, “Mom I think I need a rest.” Within ten minutes she was coughing uncontrollably. An hour later she was vomiting. The symptoms were quick and intense, so my husband rushed her to the nearest Urgent Care. Because I read the pamphlet on EnteroVirus earlier that morning I knew Gwen needed medical attention, and I knew she needed it fast.

In the car ride on the way to the Urgent Care, Gwen’s breathing became heavy and she grew dangerously lethargic. In a matter of only ten minutes, Gwen’s oxygen levels dropped into the danger zone (79) and my husband and I panicked more and more. We were granted our second major blessing though, in the form of our Urgent Care doctor. On call that night was a pediatric ER physician who knew exactly how to handle Gwen’s case and calm all of us down. He stabilized Gwen’s oxygen levels and brought her out of the danger zone, which is an oxygen level closer to an 85-90. After getting her oxygen level to an 85, he prepared her to go in an ambulance to the hospital. We stayed there for three days until the virus passed. While at the hospital, we met several other families with the same virus and still others with chronic illnesses. Everywhere I turned there was a constant reminder to me of how precious life is; an invitation to treat this gift with better care, increased thoughtfulness, and more gratitude.

As I look back on a really scary week for our family—and I have learned in my life that there are no coincidences. I believe in guardian angels and I know Heaven is real. Prayer is real. Last week, our ER doctor was Gwen’s guardian angel. He called us each night at the hospital to check in on our little girl and to express his concern for her return to health. I also know my prayers were answered; both by the professionals attending to my sweet daughter, and also by the amazing way this experience unfolded. If I didn’t miraculously have an extra minute before my exercise class, I wouldn’t have read the pamphlet about EnteroVirus and gained a specific knowledge of how to respond to Gwen’s situation. While I was in the hospital for the better part of last week I started replaying Gwen’s panic in the ambulance and the saddest  moment when she looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, “Don’t let me die, Mom.” I recognized that motherhood is filled with moments when I need to be able to rely on power much greater than my own both for comfort and knowledge. It’s a job I can’t do by myself. I’m grateful I had guardian angels by my side when I needed them the most, to help me keep my Gwen safe last week. I’m thankful that Gwen has a positive attitude about most things, even the hospital food that was always burnt or the wrong order. She is a trooper and I’m proud of her.

2 books I read last week that kept me going during the hospital - HAPPIER by Tal Ben Shahar and deliberate Motherhood by power of moms. Learning to be present and conscious of how we mother.  It is not about decorating birthday cakes, sewing halloween costumes, or being the most on-the-ball classroom mom.  It is about discovering the talents, skills, heart, and strength that is unique to each of us . . . . and utilizing this power to create a life in which your family can love and thrive. Looking into their eyes and seeing our kids for who they are and what they can become.



When your kids get the cold this season, please watch them closely. This virus acts fast, even in a matter of hours. It particularly affects children with asthmatic or respiratory problems. Gwen doesn’t have asthma but she does have eczema. I didn’t know before our time at the hospital, but these two conditions are linked. It’s common that kids with eczema and asthma have weakened immune systems, which has been particularly helpful in understanding why poor Gwen has gone through so much these last few years. She gets hit hard multiple times during flu season.


EnteroVirus is known to last 7-10 days; Any oxygen levels below 90 are considered alarming and should be in doctor’s care;You can help your kids prevent exposure by washing hands multiple times a day; Wash clothes regularly;Wash up after school;Put sanitizer in your child’s lunchbox to remind him/her to wash before eating;stay hydrated;keep pedialyte at your house;stay healthy with vitamins and healthy fruit & veggies



deals DEALS deals

Here’s a weekend roundup of my favorite deals!

|Click on the highlighted blue words to be directed to the product page or on the image in the slideshow below|

1. I’d like to discuss two very important things. This pair of Tory Burch heels that kind of blow my mind and this Tory Burch top that I want to wear with jeans, joggers and skirts. Both on sale and both very much wanted by me!

2. When Peek goes on SALE at Nordstrom, I stock up! Like really  great quality, cool designs and all three of my girls love it. I’m really loving THIS sweater, THIS army jacket and Goldie loves THIS top!

3. You know I love navy. Remember THIS post? This DVF navy skirt is now 40% off!!

4. I LOVE gray on gray! How about a gray sweater for under $20 & a gray coat for under $60?! Such a great deal!

5. I’ve been a big fan of GapBody bras since I worked for the company in San Francisco 10 years ago. Two of my favorites are currently on promo: the bralette  and the seamless underwire. Can’t go wrong with either!

6. Blue-black denim is a huge this year and it’s a wash I really love! Lucky for you JBrand has a pair of skinnies on sale for $126!

7. Crewcuts(JCrew kids) has an extra 30% off SALE this weekend! Use code:PICKASALE and score well made cool clothes at a fraction of the original price! I ordered THESE in both colors for all three of my girls!

8. How about 2000 dresses under $50?!! Click HERE for the link and HERE, HERE, and HERE for a few of my favorites!

9. I love this knit throw from Nordstrom home for 50% off!

10. Get an extra 25% off sale at Anthropologie this weekend! Use code: SALEONSALE. How about these AG legging jeans  with this cream jacket and these metallic flats



Friday 5

Friday 5 Header-Lisa




1. Emerald green is huge this fall. This alligator print dress is begging to be placed in my closet!

2. I keep finding so many fantastic dresses that are modest, sleek and versatile. This royal blue number will never go out of style!

3. I’ve been looking for a pair of flat leopard booties to replace a pair I lost. I really love this pair from DV!

4. Genetic denim is some of the best! Soft, well fitted, great pocket placement. They are great!

5. Say YES to this foiled pleated skirt from French Connection. You’ll be glad you did!

Friday 5 Header-Jenna jennafri5

1. This navy & white stripe dress is amazing and under $100. It’s the perfect staple for fall and winter. Put a leather jacket over it or a fun vest like #4!

2. These Wildfox pajamas are too good to pass up! Grey + floral make the perfect combination. I really want to add these to my pajama collection.

3. My favorite black & white top to pair with skirts and skinny jeans. It’s $22 on sale!!

4. This Jaden vest had me at first sight. I want it in a major way. It’s such a great staple piece.

5. This outfit combo is something pretty great. Black & white with floral is a favorite of mine. Both pieces can be mixed and matched with anything.


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 8.19.57 AM

Fall Floral

Ever since I bought the Wang bag I find myself drawn to its deep burgundy color, looking for more of that rich color in clothes and shoes. I was really excited when I found these peep toe booties! They are SO comfortable. Like could walk all day in them comfortable. They are a must-have for fall!

ps..don’t let this braid fool you. I can’t braid to save my life. You’d think with 3 girls I would have figured it out by now. Poppy is the designated braider at our house. But this fun creation is by my friend Megan. We’ve been the best of friends for years and she’s one of the only people I knew when I moved out to California. I love her, her husband, kids and her hair skills, a lot. You can find her on Instagram @cut_and_dry



photo 4-4

photo 1-4

Dress | Wang Bag | Booties | Michele Watch | Ray-Bans (they fold into the smallest case ever)

photo 3-5


spruce it up

Lisa and I are  in the process of sprucing up our homes. We are hunting for the best deals around. West Elm is a favorite spot for us to find inspiration and add a touch of glam to our rooms. Right now they are having great deals and even doing 70% off markdowns.

20% off sofa’s + sectionals

30% off curtains + hardware , I just bought these and LOVE them

70% off Markdowns


1. The RUGS are one of my favorite products West Elm makes. This one will change your room in minutes. The color goes with everything.

2. How fun are these HOME-TOWN accent pillows! I want one of every city we have lived in. I love the colors.

3. Fill this quilted metallic bowl with snacks, fruit,  favorite treats or decor.  It’s a fun way to glam up your spaces.

4. This side table looks amazing stacked with books and a lamp next to a sofa. It’s such a pretty statement piece.

5. These chalkboard planters are fun to put anywhere in your home. Leave messages to your family members or write out your favorite things. I’m a sucker for the succulents. They are really easy to take care of.

6. I just bought this lamp to sit on my work desk. This task lamp is stunning! The base is made of white marble and the gold elements give it an anytique feel. Such a great lamp for

7. How cool is this bubble ceramic side table. I’m always searching for ways to incorporate different textures into my decor. I love this!

8. Bookends are a great way to bring in color or a new element to the room. I am in love with the agate stone used to make these bookends. They are gorgeous!!



Jewel Tones

Nothing says fall like jewel tones. They are HUGE this year! Below are some of my favorites…

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