Friday 5

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1. Today is the day I’m getting married! So very happy and excited. I love Stuart Weitzmans so much, they were the obvious choice for my wedding shoe.

2. I’ll be wearing a few of THESE bangles today. I love mixing metals.

3. Heading to Cabo tomorrow for a quick honeymoon. Excited to wear this shift dress!

4.Taking this incredibly comfortable bikini as wellI love it so much!

5. This Tularosa dress is packed and ready to join us for chips and guac. Woo!

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These tops are always on my list. This one will be perfect all fall.

Just a really great tank to work out in.

This skirt is calling my name!

I have the hugest crush on this dress. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s pretty!

This black dress is a staple in my closet. It comes in 5 other colors. The red is beautiful on too!


end of season Nordstrom sale

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.04.15 AMI got engaged in THIS dress which makes me love it that much more. Now 40% off!

We’re BIG fans of THESE leggings for workouts. Can hardly believe they are on sale for $26!

 Uhh…take advantage of THIS bag being on sale. All black is the best for fall/winter!

THIS bralette is SO comfortable! Under $20!

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.04.03 AM

 I’ve worn THESE in a few posts and get so many compliments on the color. Now 40% off.

 White button ups are a must! HERE is on of my favorites.

 I love THESE body-con dresses. Just ordered for fall! It’s $37!!

 I want THIS. Bad!


falling for FALL

It’s true. Fall is in the air on the east coast. Last year I remember waiting until October to order my warmer clothes and most things were already sold out. So this year, I’m getting a head start and getting a few basics that I can change up and wear all the time. This sweater dress is perfect right now with a great pair of sandals and once it’s cold I’ll throw these booties on with it.

sweater dress

Sweater Dress , comes in 2 colors | Sandals  | CurlStick 

In a perfect world I would own these cream sweater dresses and wear them all winter long. But why in the world is one over $500! If you can buy it, wear it and tag me in it. I’ll be swooning :) I’m in love HERE HERE


dash & albert

We have a lot of hardwood floors in our new home. Some of my favorite rugs still work in this house. If you haven’t heard of these rugs you will find yourself becoming a huge fan. They are the perfect indoor & outdoor rugs.


Grey Fringe Booties | RUG | Jeans 



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Guide to Orange County

We’ve officially moved to North County San Diego! I’m really going to miss Orange County. Here’s a guide to some of my favorites:Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.09.18 AM


Strands- hands down my favorite beach in Orange County. The long walk down is worth the view and the least amount of tourists you’ll find in the summer.

CDM- our favorite spot for tinfoil dinners with friends.

Montage- this was our Sunday activity. Best tide pools in Orange County and a great spot for photos.

Crescent- local neighborhood beach. This one is Avery and Poppy’s top pick.


Beach Hut- grab the best sandwich of your life on your way down to Strands or Salt Creek. Get the pastrami!

Active Culture- wholesome bowl and coconut shake!

Baja Fish Taco- in my opinion OC needs some serious help in the Mexican food department. Baja Fish isn’t dirty mex like I prefer but it’s really good. All the proteins are grilled and super lean.

La Sirena- grab some chicken enchiladas with green sauce and an oatmeal coconut cookie before you head to the tide pools at Montage. Conveniently located just across PCH from each other.

Bagel Shack- swiss bagel with jalepeno cream cheese. It will change your life.


Nordstrom: I know this isn’t ‘fun’ for most, but I will miss have 4 different Nordstrom locations all within 15 mins of my house.

That’s actually it for fun.. San Diego is just as awesome and has so much to offer. Minus conveniently placed malls for me. I’ll probably run for City Council and see if I can change that ASAP…

We’re excited for this adventure in our new city. Cheers to living a life outside our comfort zone.


perfect imperfections

So many things have changed since June. I’m finally starting to get in the swing of our new life. A friend (that I will always keep close to my heart) told me I needed to learn to roll with the trials of life instead of getting knocked over by them. I’ve been doing just that. Life since June has been one of the hardest times in my life. I won’t go into details but really I can’t even describe how hard it has been. Then throwing a move to the list just added even more stress. All of us know how challenging moving can be and how unfamiliar things feel at first. It can be lonely, scary and hard. Needless to say I’m so glad that I’m “rolling with the waves of life” because everything has worked out in the way it should. There is always a bigger picture that we can’t see. It’s all about being grateful and keeping a smile on your face. Life isn’t perfect and nobody is. We just try our best every single day. I’m so thankful for the contentment I finally feel. Best feeling in the world!! I was in a class today, (yes soulcycle because I’m an addict) and this is my favorite thing Elle (go to her class, westport or greenwich) has ever said.

“It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being you and owning that. And that is what perfection is.”

Anyways I didn’t mean to preach tonight but I know life can be hard. I want all of you who read this blog to know the images you see of Lisa and I are 2 minutes of our lives. If only you could see “the behind the scenes” of taking these pictures. My kids in this photo shoot went into the river and ended up covered in mud and got it all over the back of this white dress! But I just rolled with it because that’s how I choose to look at life. We have real feelings and real life struggles just like everyone else. I never want to seem like something I’m not. I have many days a week I’m not in make-up. I wear sweats A LOT! I wear work out clothes all day long sometimes because I run out of time to change after my work out. I have cellulite and get zits and worry about life. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being you and owning it. And that is what perfection is.



WD free peopleWhite Dress | Beachwaver CurlStick

WD free people2

White Dress | Beachwaver CurlStick

Miss You NY

Miss You NY sweater  | Sunglasses , here, here too | Denim Cut-off shorts

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TOP 3 Flare Jeans

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend. We survived our first two days back to school. The kids came home both of the days super happy which made my heart explode. I made Dennis (my hubby) soul cycle with me all weekend. We ended up doing 3 classes and now I can barely walk but hey no pain no gain, right? How was your weekend? I’m feeling fall in the air and couldn’t be happier!

Anyways, I want you guys to know that I have been on a mission to find my favorite flare jeans for the fall. I mean, I really took this serious. I wanted to find a pair that was really worth the money. So I’ve literally been in almost every store, every department store and spent hours on-line ordering and then sending back the ones that didn’t make the cut. These are the three that I kept and completely LOVE – HERE, HERE, HERE




Primrose Tee


Primrose Tee | Flare Denim | Jimmy Choo Sandals |CurlStick

deals DEALS deals

1. Growing up I LOVED when my mom would receive a gift with purchase from the beauty counter. Everything is more fun in small sizes. Right now when you spend $50 at Ulta you get this 16 piece set for free! 

2. This tunic is coming to Cabo with me. Major sale!

3. I love Pam and Gela. The original creators of Juicy Couture, their new line is more sophisticated. I’ve had my eye on this dress for awhile. It’s really so great!

4. Another item headed to Cabo is this MinkPink dress. The color combo sold me!

5. I’ve been looking for a new pair of grey jeans. Couldn’t pass up these Hudson’s on sale!

6. I have this top in about 4 colors/patterns. It’s an all-time favorite of mine!

7. Lots of great stuff, all 40% off!

8. 25% off and getting this NOW!

9. I’ve been buying  lots of great rings here as of late. This stack is my next purchase and it’s on sale for $20! 

Back To School

 My kids start school today! We have been anxiously prepping for our brand new school and community since we moved to Connecticut last month. We can’t wait to meet our new friends and teachers. I’m just as excited as my kids are. I know nerves will be intense on the first day so I’m doing everything in my power to make them feel confident and ready. I took my kids to The Children’s Place to get our back to school clothes because we all know, new school clothes can help them get excited to learn and make new pals. It’s so nice to visit a familiar store, regardless of our new location!  I’ve been pleasantly surprised lately with all the cool finds in that store from graphic prints to cool accessories – I had a blast shopping with my girls and was able to outfit them from head to toe with just one stop.

As soon as we walked into the store, both of the girls were immediately drawn to leopard print. Gwen was thrilled by the glittery hi-top sneakers and Paris inspired backpack. Chloe’s look is so stylish too! I love that she wanted to combine such fun prints and colors all in one outfit. I always want my kids to look and feel their best at school – and this outfit really allows Chloe to express herself.

 You can even download these adorable Back To School Signs  from The Children’s Place that you can print from home.
CP 3
Now that back to school season is here –  The Children’s Place is teaming up with Shutterfly to help parents create a keepsake for their children’s First Day of School photos. Now through Saturday, September 12th, you guys have the opportunity to receive a custom coupon code for $20 off a purchase of $20 or more at! To receive the code, you simply need to share a First Day of School photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – using #FirstDayPLACE and tagging @ChildrensPlace! Following a photo post, The Children’s Place will direct message qualifying customers with the single-use Shutterfly offer code in the channel the photo was submitted. You can even download these  adorable Back To School Signs from The Children’s Place that you can print at home!
CP 4

Some helpful hints to get your code!

-For photos uploaded on Instagram or Twitter, simply use the hashtag #FirstDayPLACE and tag @ChildrensPlace. P.S. If your account is private, they won’t see it!
-For Facebook, simply post on The Children’s Place wall and use the hashtag #FirstDayPLACE

CP 2

 Gwen – Glitter Leopard HighTops | White Tank  | Skinny Jeans 

Chloe Polka Dot Sweatshirt | Leopard tutu skirt | Fringe Booties

CP 1Glitter HighTops | Ballet Flats | Leggings | Mix n’ Match Bracelets | 9 pack Earrings 
CP 5

Good luck with all your back to school shopping and adventures! Don’t forget to check out this contest here!



Sponsored by The Children’s Place

friday 5

Friday-5-Header-Lisa PicMonkey Collage

1. Long flowing maxi dresses are always a good idea. Especially for fall!

2. I really love the fit of these jeans! They run true to size.

3. How adorable is this cream lace dress?! Pair with booties or these boots for cooler weather. Oh..and it’s $88!

4. I’m currently wearing this Cotton Citizen white tee as I type. Made in LA and one of the best!

5. Let’s all say yes to these booties! I’m in love.

Friday 5 Header-Jenna



1. This pair of booties will sell out for sure. I’m definitely going to be in these all fall & winter. I have the gold pair from last year and they are so comfortable I never took them off.

2. Everyone should have this vegan leather jacket in your closet this fall. It’s the best staple.

3. I was at Neiman Marcus today looking for a big puffer winter coat but instead ended up with this white beauty. Seriously, in love!!

4. I love a good shirtdress. Can’t wait to wear this one with my knee high boots!

5. Anything from Ivy & blu makes me happy. I’m already happy thinking about wearing this on date night this weekend.