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HI L & L babes, my name is Jenna & I blog over on Small Fry! I’m stoked to be here because who wouldn’t want to be in the company of Jenna & Lisa? They’re the best.
I have always loved to cook & spend hours in the kitchen. It’s vital to me that my boys grow up in a home where dinner around the table is a tradition they come to know & love, as this is how I grew up with my parents. I found as I spent more time cooking, I spent less of it doing other things I love, like exercising. Soon the lbs started to creep up & even my fat pants struggled to button. I remember talking to my best friend about it and she said “well you can’t do it all! If you’re being awesome at working out, something else is suffering and if you’re being awesome at cooking then your cleaning suffers.” It’s true! I learned that as I gained strength in one area of my life, another one lost focus. But how could I fuse my love for cooking & my love for health & fitness in to one area? That’s when I started my journey to cook, but cook healthy! It hasn’t always been easy, and I’ve definitely taken breaks & fallen off the wagon, but when I am making food for my family it is healthy & I’m proud of that.
I know for a lot of people it’s TOO MUCH information and that’s when you give up and grab Lunchables because that’s what your kids will eat…trust me I know my kids die for them. Educating yourself on food sources & information is the best way I know how to motivate you and your family to eat well. My favorite book on this is “It Starts with Food.” It’s a great book about how and why we should eat certain foods. Around it I’ve built an eating lifestyle for my family that has given us freedom, health & energy beyond anything I could imagine. There have been behavioral changes in my children that have blown me away and subsequently we backtracked MAJORLY on Easter, sugar really does have such a negative affect on them. I have had loads of health benefits personally as well that have in turn made me a more focused, loving & patient mom. My brain was clouded by the chemicals in our food as well as ridden with the guilt of feeling bad about myself. When we make choices to eat healthy & love ourself, we in turn can love the people around us better & I’ve seen it first hand in my life!
jr meals
Click on Jenna’s Costco and Trader Joes Shopping list for an easy print out to keep in your purse.
clean eating shoppinglist
My journey to health is long & full of bumps in the road. It’s not easy and some days I would just rather eat 12 doughnuts instead. But each day gets easier as I commit myself to blessing my life and those around me with the gift of clean eating & health. You can follow my journey on Instagram at @jennaskitchen.
We are  thrilled to have the talented Jenna Rammell share her story with us today. She has become the master of clean eating while influencing thousands of people. You can see so many inspiring stories by checking out the hashtag #jennaswhole30 . People are literally changing overnight. Not just in their appearance but how they feel mentally and physically. I’m so intrigued by all of it.  I personally check her instagram daily to plan my healthy meals for the day.  I’m not perfect at it, but I have definitely improved my eating habits. Thanks Jenna for sharing your talents with all of us and keeping us on track. You are such a rockstar.

build a better booty

butt-and-thigh-workout-01-fiss431 Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes out, hands on hips. Squat until thighs are parallel to floor, then lift both heels (as shown). Lower heels for 1 rep. Repeat butt-and-thigh-workout-03-fiss431 Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Squat, then stand and forcefully bring right leg across and in front of body, leading with heel, as if kicking a ball, left arm swinging in front, right arm behind (as shown). Return to start. Switch sides to complete 1 rep. Repeat. butt-and-thigh-workout-05-fiss431 Stand with feet hip-width apart. Squat deeply, extending arms behind torso. Stand, then raise left leg and lower chest until parallel to floor, extending arms forward (as shown). Hold for 1 count, then return to start. Switch sides to complete 1 rep. Repeat. butt-and-thigh-workout-06-fiss431 Squat with back to wall, feet together, thighs parallel to floor, hands on hips. Maintain back and butt contact with wall as you lift left knee toward chest (as shown). Return to start. Switch leg to complete 1 rep. Repeat. butt-and-thigh-workout-07-fiss431 Go low: Drive butt back (as though sitting on a chair), keeping thighs parallel to floor and knees over toes. Get grounded: Position feet shoulder-width apart and slightly turned out with your weight on heels. You should be able to wiggle toes. Open up: Place hands behind head. Lift chest, and draw shoulders back and down. Stay in line: Keep a neutral spine without arching your back; engage your stomach.

All of these moves can easily be done in your home. Try and do 15 reps each and repeat the cycle for 3 rounds. Have fun and good luck!



Top 25

Lots of fun things online right now! Here are my top 25 this week.




eco-friendly kid products

Get ready for Earth Day this year (tomorrow April 22nd) by checking out our favorite brands that help make our earth a better place.


1. I’m loving these glam gladiators for my girls. UMI Shoes are good for the environment and for your little loves. Umi uses drum-dyed leathers and non-toxic materials that are good for the environment. These shoes are shipped in 100% recyclable packaging. UMI cares about your little ones feet and our planet. I’m a big fan of these sturdy and super comfortable shoes. For baby, toddler and boys and girls. 

2. Zoe b organics is finally making it easier for us moms to protect our kids while eating. Everything is BPA free and organic, made with only biodegradable materials. I love the mug sets and the meal – time sets. They come in boy and girl colors. My kids love setting the table with their coordinated eco-friendly dishes. 

3. Skylar Luna pajamas are definitely our favorite pajamas. They are made with 100% organic – cotton and free of any fire retardant chemicals. These pajamas are chic and cozy. I love the seasonal prints they offer. Santa brought the festive prints last year and they have been our favorite jammies of all time.

4. Stokke products are designed with your child’s safety in mind. The Stokke design team is committed to keeping your kids safe as well as the place they live. Stokke products are made of all environmentally and biodegradeable materials. Not only do these products make the planet a better place, they sure make my kids happy. I’m in love with the innovative highchairs that allow the youngest of kids to sit at the dinner table with the rest of the family. These products encourage family bond which I LOVE!

5.  Zoe b organics is finally making it easier for us moms to protect our kids while at the beach. Everything is BPA free and organic, made with only biodegradable materials. I can’t think of a better place than the beach for eco-friendly toys. They come in boy and girl colors. 

We have been talking about Earth Day at home. We decided to head to our local nursery to learn how we can do our part. I hope everyone can take the day and do a few things to make our earth a cleaner and safer place for our kids.  xx – jenna





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friday 5

Friday 5 Header-Lisa lisafri5



1. I really love the colors of this suit! Great coverage all around and so easy to move in. 

2. These jeans are a favorite of mine. Light and slightly acid washed. They are the best length for 5’5 and under like myself!

3. I was sold once I saw the striped heel. It adds such a fun element. These sandals were a good purchase! 

4. I think this bright top is so fun! Love the longer fluttered sleeve. Worn with jeans or tucked into a skirt this top is great! 

5. A few months ago we were able to test this Lancome product before it launched. I’m happy to say I used it up and purchased another one! I use it under my foundation and my skin looks so even and smooth! I’ve got a feeling I’ll be a fan for life. 

Friday 5 Header-Jenna jennafri5

1. These floral pants are so great for spring. I wore mine with a plain tee shirt and sandals. I have plans to wear these with a fun blouse and heels for date night. 

2. I finally found aviator sunglasses that fit my face really well. I’ve wanted the mirrored lenses for awhile now and I’m so glad I waited for the perfect pair. These are also under $100 with the discount right now.

3. The sand color of these cool sandals will go with everything. These are going to be my go-to sandal all summer. 

4. Zella is now my favorite work-out legging. The capri length just came out and I can’t wait to wear these! This pattern comes in 3 colors. They also come in other patterns.

5.  This dress is even prettier in person. I’m in love with the detail. It will be a classic piece in my closet for years. I’m 5’4 and it hits right at mid calf. 


Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 11.13.37 PM


All clutches are 30 % off with Code – BIGSALE

clutch1. This black and white clutch is a favorite. The summer raffia look also has a hidden chain to make this clutch easy to throw on your shoulder.

2. Cork clutches are everywhere this spring. We love the gold hardware at the top. The perfect size for all your essentials. 

3. This perforated clutch comes in this fun color and natural. It will make a statement with every outfit. It’s a classic clutch and you will have it for years. 

4. This clutch screams summer. It’s easy and effortless. Obsessed with the woven wicker and gold leather piece on top. 

5. We are loving shiny metallics right now. This envelope clutch is a must have. 


ideas to organize your pantry



I love my SIL Maury for many reasons(see HERE and HERE)  and one of them is her ability to organize. Recently she moved into her new beautiful home and I have to say her pantry is really great! I love that even though it’s such a small space, it has charm and character. While I was over, she had a total of 16 kids walk through her front door and straight to her pantry for a snack. Easy to navigate and filled with a wide variety of foods this pantry offers simple, yet helpful ways to make the space more useful.



pantry 2


pantry 3 pantry 4
  • First make sure you have plenty of baskets and bins. These white plastic bins from Ikea are so easy to wipe down and the perfect pantry size.
  • Labels! I love Maury’s chalk stickers. I also love that because of her labels you know exactly what’s in the bins at the very top of her pantry.
  • Another fun find in Maury’s pantry is the basket filled with movie candy. She’ll stock up at Target/Wal-Mart, store them in the basket (it’s out of kids reach). Instead of dreading a gas station stop or spending $5 per box at the theater she has them on hand. So smart!
  • We are a family that believes in being prepared and keeping an emergency supply kit. Maury has made sure to stock a 6 month supply of essentials like Crystal Light Energy.:)
  • Most of all I appreciate that everything has it’s place.

These are just a few simple ideas that anyone can implement into their own pantry.

What’s your favorite way to organize?

pantry collage

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I have loved being apart of lunchpailsandlipstick. Helping run this blog has been such a rewarding experience with great memories. Heart felt thanks to all the companies I have worked with and to Lisa and Jenna and to all of the L&L readership for the opportunity.

Xoxo – Summer

It’s a strange feeling to lose a member of our team. This blog has been such a learning experience for us all and continues to be. When we started we had no idea how much time and work it would take to make lunch pails a success. Summer will be missed and we support her decision. Fully.

There are a lot of fun and great things ahead for L&L. Stay tuned.


Lisa & Jenna

celebrity chef

Let me introduce you to Paula Hankin, celebrity chef and culinary consultant. You might recognize Paula from  Bravo’s hit TV show, Pregnant in Heels. She also has appeared in national media including, Shape, Men’s Fitness and OK! Paula is known for flawlessly uniting taste, beauty, and nutrition, whether she’s preparing a four course dinner party for Oscar winners in LA or teaching an afternoon cooking class for moms and moms-to-be in Brooklyn.

Paula has been busy working with the newest member of the New York Real Housewives, Kristen Taekman. Paula provided the kitchy movie treats for Kristen’s Real Housewives of NY premiere party.  I was thrilled to spend the afternoon with Paula at the famous FROLIC play place in Brooklyn. Not only can Paula cook she is one fashionable mom. She has the cutest little boy, Max. Paula taught my girls how to make healthy snacks while having fun. These are a must try! My girls loved the snacks so much they licked their plates.

paula1.jpgPaula’s Top  / Jenna’s Top,  Wrap BraceletKid’s Birkenstock Sandals /


Paula is a brand ambassador for KIND snacks. Have you had Kind Bars? They are a favorite in my family. I especially love the bars with a small drizzle of dark chocolate found here. Kind bars are the perfect snack to put in goodie bags for party favors.

paula3.jpgFrolic is Brookyln’s premier rock n’ roll play space for rockers 6 and younger. The play space is 5,000 square feet of fun. This water front enrichment center provides music lessons, story time, classes, birthday parties, coffee lounge for the moms and a unique playground based on rock n’ roll. Celebrity Moms like Kate Hudson and Katie Holmes have been spotted many times taking their kids to play at this RAD play place. Your little urban rock stars will love sliding done the Rolling Stone inspired slide. Cool vibes are definitely happening at FROLIC in Williamsburg. Go check it out! Read more about it here.

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 8.23.41 AM


The party room at Frolic totally rocks. Your kids will keep busy with all the music instruments and rock n’ roll decor.


Paula’s Recipes

Kale and Mozzarella Stuffed Quinoa Crusted Chicken Nuggets, Served with


6 , 4-6 ounce boneless and skinless Chicken Tenders

1/2 cup of flour

1 egg lightly beaten
2 tablespoons of whole milk
1/2 cup of Italian bread crumbs
4 teaspoons of grated parmesan cheese
1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella
1/2 cup frozen Kale – defrosted and drained
1/4 cup of cooked quinoa (ensure that it’s completely dry and cooled)
3 flat containers (I use leftover take-out food container then just throw
them out/recycle afterwards…Less clean up!)

- Pre Heat Oven to 400
- Spray a cooking sheet with cooking spray
- Cut chicken into long nugget size pieces then cut a slit in the middle -
Don’t cut all the way through.
- Put ingredients into 3 bowls:
bowl 1) flour
bowl 2) beaten egg and milk
bowl 3) bread crumbs, quinoa and grated parmesan cheese
- Stuff each piece of chicken with small pieces of kale and some shredded
mozzarella cheese
- Roll in the flour, then egg, and then quinoa bread crumb mixture
- Place on baking sheet
- Before baking, spray both baking sheet and chicken with cooking spray
- Cook for 25 minutes (may vary based on oven), flipping nuggets halfway
through.  -
- Serve with a side of marinara for dipping.

Healthy Banana Bunny Ears

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 12.11.11 AM


Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 12.11.28 AMYou can read more about Paula here and find more healthy recipes for you and your family here.

twitter – @paulabhankin




tuesday shopping

A few fun finds from today! BONUS: click HERE for 25% off your ENTIRE purchase from Shopbop!



arrow and aspen + 10% off

arrowandaspen 2


tank and leggings by Arrow and Aspen | shoes | mom’s sunglasses

arrowandaspenarrow and aspen collageYesterday was a big day for Goldie! She got her ears pierced:) Her tears were short lived and she loves them! Sometimes I get bummed out seeing my kids get older, especially my littlest. Goldie and I chose a fun little outfit from Arrow and Aspen to wear for this special day. Their catchy graphics and easy, yet super cool pants are some of my very favorite. Our friends at Arrow and Aspen are offering you 10% off your total purchase with code: lunchpails10! Happy Shopping.