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First day of FALL happened over the weekend. I got out my favorite HIGH-WAISTED FLARE JEANS ( these make your legs look so skinny and long) and wore this OVERSIZED MUSTARD SWEATER on date night. My friend Jenny Komenda came out to Westport and we ate the best food and went to see IT with our husbands! So gooood and so scary!!

Fun fact about me — I LOVE scary movies. Halloween is one of my favorite times. I get out all the old classics and watch them. Milk Duds and fresh popcorn are always invited. And I can’t stop with the HALLOWEEN DECOR.I’m going to have my own pumpkin patch if I don’t stop soon.

My sister is now living with us until they decide on a place to live for good. I can’t believe my wish of living by family is coming true. Most of her town (Dorado) left Puerto Rico for now. We will see when it’s safe for people to go back and check on their homes. We are starting a fund to help her town. Also a plane with supplies has already taken off from Florida thanks to the help of my brother in law. They also needed chain saws for the FBI to start cutting down all the trees that fell. There is a ton of work to do. My sister and her husband haven’t slept and are working non-stop to help people in PR.

This ONCE UPON A TIME TOP  was bought by every single girl during a fun girls night we had last week. It’s a favorite and so fun.

I’ve been getting specific emails about Botox, fillers and facials ever since posting about my big facial peel I had a couple weeks ago. This POST – BOTOX/FILLERS and skincare advice will help answer your questions.


I had to have this LONG STRIPED CARDIGAN !!

The best way to make your SKIN GLOW. Try it!!

I love going to this KID PAGE “ON OUR LIST”. Keeps me updated with the latest.

OREO HOT CHOCOLATE?!!! I had to show my kids this one.

I made ENERGY BALLS this weekend and added an extra scoop of  vanilla protein. they turned out so yummy. Glad to have these to throw in lunches and after school snacks.




My favorite INFINITY SCARF $30!! is backordered. Buy it now so you get it by October. It’s my favorite of the season. $35!!! FREE PEOPLE CARDIGAN| BOOTIES

Happy Sunday! So many good deals today below. We went to church today and now I’m meal preppin. I made these ENERGY BALLS with extra protein for kids after school and in between lessons. My sister is now living with us while they decide what to do after the horrible Puerto Rico hurricane. Thanks for all your well wishes. Love you all! xx jenna


I love this DRESS! It’s now 40% off. One of my favorite Free People dresses around.

Grab this BELL SLEEVE top for 40% off! It’s on of my favorite in white.

30% off this cardigan above in blush and two other colors.  SATURDAY MORNING CARDIGAN

Grab this POLKA DOT TOP for 50% off. This was a huge hit during the N SALE. It’s $24!

How cute is this Free People BLUSH MIDI DRESS. Wear it with knee high boots this fall.

I got this AMOUR TEE a few weeks ago. I keep forgetting to take pictures in it. I really love it. $30!


If you need new BLACK DENIM for fall, Citizens of Humanity has you covered. Grab these for 40% off.

Another great free people LONG SLEEVE TOP 40 % off




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