end of SUMMER

I can hardly believe the summer is over…I mean, it flew by! The kids started school yesterday and it went well. By well, I mean Goldie played with her imaginary friend during recess (she takes social anxiety to another level) but she loves her teacher this year which is huge for me! I’m trying to switch Poppy teachers right now. I’ve never done that before. I do believe it’s good for kids to make the most of their situation. But this year, I feel really strongly that I should move her. I hear it’s a long process at this school..so that’s awesome;)

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lisa allen of lunchpails and lipstick wearing show me your mumu and alexander wang and dior

lisa allen of lunchpails and lipstick wearing show me your mumu and alexander wang and dior



3 things on my mind…

1. I celebrated my birthday over the weekend. Last year in THIS post I made a promise to myself to stop worrying about age..well I wasn’t as successful as I hoped to be. Aging still stresses me out, a lot. However, this birthday it didn’t get the best of me. Jeff took me back to Orange County to my favorite spots like Baja Fish Taco, Strands, Fashion Island and Maestros for dinner. I didn’t cringe at all the calls and texts and well wishes reminding me I’m one year older. It was really nice and I felt a lot of love. So thank you!

2. You guys, I have BIG news. I’m off all energy drinks. Monster, Red Bull, Zipfizz, Rockstars, Celsius, etc. I can’t say I feel any better, yet. But, I also don’t feel worse. No headaches and my energy level is about the same. I think my body was immune to the caffeine and they were more out of habit.

3. Oh! I’ve been meaning to tell you about these new lipsticks and brow filler! They are both part of the stay all day collection. THIS waterproof brow filler goes on like a fine tip marker. It took a couple times to get used to, but now I love it! Honestly, it stayed on, like I could wear it for 2-3 days and it’d be juuuuust fine! Then check out THESE matte lipstick! I have papillon (nude) and etoile (light pink). They are awesome!

XXO lisa



Hi Guys! Happy Monday. Did you see my GREEN LEMONADE on snapchat this morning? I started drinking this drink five years ago. It does wonders for your skin. You will feel healthier and your body will feel hydrated. I think the key to healthy skin is hydration. You will start glowing, I promise. You can read more of the benefits of why I drink it, here.

I also wanted to tell you about a HUGE NIKE SALE going on HERE. So many shoes and activewear at really great prices. My favorite flyknit sneakers (feel like walking on clouds) are $60 off original price.

This weekend my boys were in Florida having a little boy bonding time. So the girls and I got to have some girl time. Except I was the party pooper and had the flu all weekend. So we cancelled our plans and spent most of the weekend watching movies and playing barbies. We went out to Shake Shack one night and I threw on this Embroidered Dress I loved wearing it. It’s oversized and oh so pretty.

Embroidered Dresses by Lunchpails and Lipstick in Karen Walker sunglasses IMG_8870Embroidered Dresses in ASOS by Lunchpails and Lipstick

Embroidered Dress | Karen Walker Sunglasses






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