May 7, 2020

What Supplements Should I be Taking?

My code- JENNA15 for 15% off all Global Healing products.

Let’s talk supplements! I love taking supplements to help enhance my health. They can help in so many ways… especially if you are deficient in certain vitamins. I’m very careful when choosing what brands I use for myself and my family. Global Healing caught my attention when I read about them. All products are vegan, GMO-free, gluten free, and packaged with recycled glass. I love that they are an eco-friendly company!

Global Healing ensures that all products are pure without binders and fillers. This is so important to me! Dr. Edward Group is the founder and CEO and he refuses to compromise on any step. Global Healing also offers a Year to Love It Guarantee- you either love it or send your bottle back for a full refund! It’s super simple. This is a company that is 100% based on customer satisfaction.

Now that you know the background of Global Healing let me walk you through how I take my supplements.


When I wake up, I always head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I can’t wait even 30 seconds. I always take my supplements.

1.I take my LIQUID B12 DROPS – B12 helps with energy levels and fatigue. It will give you a boost energy and pazazzzz. It also helps lift mood. I love this especially during “that time of the month” when I get down or moody.

2. Next up is Suntrex D3 – This is everything right now. It supports your immune system, which is key to staying healthy all year long. It helps your brain health and brain fog. Helps with absorption of calcium so that you keep strong bones!

3. Then I always take my Pre and Probiotic on an empty stomach. This is necessary for optimal gut health. I think of it like this – Healthy Gut equals healthy skin. Your gut health always manifests itself in your skin! This helps with bloating, digestion, and gives you a balanced gut.

4. At night I take BIOTIN for my hair health. You will see your hair grow faster and thicker.


This is what I take in the mornings! There are so many others you can choose from depending on your health concerns.

Here are a few I love and that I’m adding to my routine:


I hope you enjoy these supplements as much as I do! Don’t forget to use my discount code!

My code- JENNA15 for 15% off all Global Healing products.


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