Sep 11, 2019

Top 5 Posts of 2019


What you need to know about Botox?

I remember on my 30th birthday marching into my doctor’s office and asking for my first botox treatment. I felt super nervous and anxious! I didn’t know how taboo it was and I didn’t know if I should openly talk to my girlfriends about it. I didn’t like the new wrinkles I had popping up and wanted to fix them! Now that I’m almost 40 I get maintenance botox every 6 months on my forehead and crow’s feet. (sometimes sooner if I workout a lot, your body metabolizes it faster when you workout!) It really does take years off your face if you have it done right. I also try and maintain the best skin I can by following my skin care routine every single day. Botox is no longer looked at as a taboo treatment. It is definitely looked at as a way to prevent aging.

If you live in NY or CT go see MY DOCTOR HERE She will give you the best price for this. I started it in NYC and it was a small fortune. Dr. Robinson has found a way to make it more affordable so everyone can benefit from it.

A few thoughts from Dr. Robinson

The idea of prejuvenation instead of rejuventation is gaining major traction. This means using low doses of Botox to help prevent lines and wrinkles from forming instead of taking them away once already formed.  This can mean starting treatments as early as in the mid twenties or thirties and can result in a softened, natural look without looking overdone or “frozen”.


The great thing about using Botox in this manner is making it part of the health and wellness of your skin and using it as a means of prevention, just as we use sunscreen and topical antioxidants. The use of Botox is growing year after year and equally as importantly, the taboo is lifted!  According to a recent consumer report, 83% of consumers worldwide are willing to invest in their appearance and 62% of US consumers want to revitalize their look.

After Botox, you can have  a small of amount of temporary swelling or small bruises from the injections. Its best to treat the skin gently and continue your normal skin care regimen. After your injections, don’t forget to protect your investment with SPF ( SUNSCREEN)and topical antioxidants (VITAMIN C )to protect your skin!!! For minor bruising you can take arnica tablets.


She suggests getting started in your early 20’s! The results you will see when you are in your 50’s will be incredible. She doesn’t believe in having a frozen (non-emotion showing) face; she likes to be able to train the muscle that causes the wrinkles to relax just enough to prevent deep lines so we can all age gracefully. Everyone uses their facial muscles differently, and the places Botox (Dysport) should be used varies from person to person. A great (conservative) dermatologist can get you on the right path at a young age.


My Skincare Routine

morning regimen– 1. wake up wash face ENZYME CLEANSER  2. apply VITAMIN C (skin ceutical dupe and made by my dermatologist. I’m obsessed) – let absorb for 1 minute, 3. apply MOISTURIZER (I’m hooked on the triple lipid. I promise it’s worth the price), 4. apply SUNSCREEN  (this one is formulated for skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation or breakouts)5. EYE BALM,(best around and not near as expensive as what I was using from my doctor. It’s half the price and amazing!) in the mornings & at night I put it on 6. ANTI-AGING CONCEALER(medium sand)/ for under eyes and anywhere else you need coverage (conceals dark spots, bags under eyes, veins, pigment, break outs, scars)  If I was stranded on a island this is the one product I’d take. I’m lost without it. I actually feel naked when I’m not wearing it. 7. COLORSCIENCE STICK (I wear medium) doubles as my powder with SPF in it!

night regimen -1. wash face LHA CLEANSER 2.RETINOL SERUM 3.RESURFACING PEEL (safe while nursing & pregnant, contains retinatural complex which is plant based)  4.Triple Lipid Restore


I rounded up the best between-season sweaters. Honestly, I can’t think of anything better than summer evenings at the beach. But when the sun decides to take a little nap I get cold! Our beach has a grill with endless soft serve ice cream. I’m such a sucker for them. We love to grab our treat and walk the beach. It’s my favorite thing in the world. I’m really into buying things that are versatile and can be worn during a couple seasons. I found this amazing HAT in white tweed and gold. It’s perfect!



REAL TALK and Why I blog (answered below #6)

I wrote this as a blog entry in February. It’s the most popular post on my site and thought I’d share it with new readers. Have a look!

1.I was at lunch with a good friend yesterday and we talked about where we lived before NY + CT  and how both of us ended up here. It made me think about how far we’ve come and the struggles. I told her about moving to Chicago to start Dennis’s MBA program at Kellogg (NorthWestern’s business school). We had zero, and I mean zero dollars to our name. LOL. We bought a tan rusty 1980 corolla (for $400) to drive to the grocery store  and when we wanted to take little Davis (2) and Gwen (baby) to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We had big dreams of moving to NYC to start Dennis’ career and live on the east coast. We didn’t have any money but we had each other and lots of dreams. Life was simple and HAPPY. We worked really, really hard. On really hard days we both looked at each other and wanted to move back to AZ (where we grew up). I also talked  more with my girlfriend yesterday about coming from a broken home. I need to share more on this topic. I sure wish I had someone to talk to or hear from when I went through it.  I had a few rough years putting myself through college and finding my own path when I was 18. At one point I even moved in with my aunt and uncle while I sorted through my emotions and figured next steps. I worked two jobs in college to pay my own rent and schooling (waitressing is no joke). If someone ever mistreats a waitress around me, I will drop kick them through the door, lol. It’s HARD!  I’ve had to work for what I have. I don’t ever want anyone to think that I was handed anything. (well…I was handed “D” my hubby is my biggest blessing of all) I know the downs all too well and I understand (and have so much empathy) when you guys write in about what you struggle with. My biggest advice is to keep your head up, lean on God, and talk about your dreams out LOUD. You have to say them out loud. Pray about them and talk about them. You can make anything happen if you work hard at it. I’ll be sharing more of my back story. I think it’s important. I want to help anyone I can. I know fashion is fun but I want (more than anything) to help you guys or inspire or even be a friend when you need it.

2. Sometimes I learn the hard way. But more than ever I’m learning to trust my gut feelings. Don’t second guess yourself. There is always a reason for your feelings. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

3.My girls have been off and on sick this week. Dennis is traveling (gets home today!) we have had a couple all nighters fighting fevers. In between working and juggling being a mom the only thing that helps me keep up with all of it is the one hour I spend working out. I’m sure on my instagram it appears that all I do is shop, wear cute clothes and workout. Don’t ever let instagram fool you. Instagram is my job. I have people I have to answer to. Numbers, goals and analytics that track my performance. Brands that expect certain things from me. I’m struggling with all the same things you guys are.  I’m actually headed to my first Fashion Week show in a couple hours and my hair won’t be washed. I’ll use half a bottle of dry shampoo and hope my deodorant kicks in. My girls are home sick and I’m trying to work, get ready and lay with them as much as possible because I know that MOM GUILT will set in when I’m away from them.

4.We bought a home and finally feeling settled. Well kind of settled. I bet it will take a year! Who are some of your favorite interior designers? I’d like to have a little help once I get a feel for what I’m looking for.

5.I’ve been boxing once a week. I can’t tell you how fun it is. Have you tried something new to challenge you lately? I’m learning I need to push myself out of that comfort zone more than I let myself.

6.Blogging advice – This is something I get asked about daily. The answer isn’t an easy one. Stay consistent, it might take a couple years to gain traction but you can do it! You might need to keep your day job while your blog grows (don’t let that discourage you). It took me almost two years to get that first big paycheck from blogging. Hire the right people. Find someone to help you build your website or take a class all about SEO and other ways to keep your user growth up online. Create mood boards and use a content calendar. I was the worst about using a content calendar. I started to grow the most when my content was thought out weeks ahead of time. Stay in your own lane. Don’t let what others do influence your work. everyone can fit on the internet. Just be you and it will work out!

why I blog- I started blogging 7 years ago. I started it originally to stay in touch with my family in Arizona when we moved to NYC. I had Davis (3 years old) Gwen (13 months) and Chloe ( a newborn baby). I had them very close together. Blogging gave me the outlet I needed each day to journal and gather my thoughts on parenting, NYC life and also all the fun fashion that I saw everywhere. Fast forward to today and I’m so grateful for the journey I’ve had. I’ve had 2 partners along the way. I’ve grown as a person and mother. I’ve met some of my best friends through blogging. Most importantly I’ve been able to help provide income and stability to my family. I continue to blog because I love being able to be a stay at home mom while providing a source of income for my family. It is a lot of work but I’m very passionate about it. I wouldn’t want another job at this time. I’ve thought about doing esthetics once a week as soon as my kids get a little older. Skincare is definitely my biggest passion of all. If you have wanted to blog but you feel like you missed your chance, YOU HAVEN’T! If you have the drive and passion you can make it happen.

7.Okay…..I want to start the conversation. USING a surrogate. I can’t carry another baby. It’s not in the cards for me. My third (Chloe) was a preemie and I had complications. I’ve had to have three c-sections to deliver. I’m so grateful for the three healthy and safe deliveries we have had. I’d love to have a 4th but know that I have to get a little creative in order to have one. I started becoming open to the idea of having a surrogate last year. It seems to be more common than ever. We have been looking into it but still get anxious about the thought of someone else carrying my baby. I’d love to know your stories (if you want to open up) if you have experienced this. I’m not saying I’m going to do this 100% but I am saying it’s on my mind and something we are considering. Dennis is still on the fence about it but warming up to the idea. We will only do it if we feel right about it. I would love to know all of your thoughts. I’ve heard such amazing stories about surrogates.

8.Questions about my hair are answered here- HAIR – Getting the bright blode you want!



When in doubt put a graphic tee on. That seems to be my motto these days. I wear them knotted over tank dresses, tucked into skirts and always love them with my favorite denim. So versatile and actually so comfortable to wear.

HAT (sz small) | TEE (xs) | VINTAGE CUT-OFFS | GREY BACKPACK | Celine Sunglasses (dupe here)

1Understated Leather What Would Dolly Do Tee   2.DAYDREAMER Rolling Stones 12 Tongues Tee

3.Daydreamer Rolling Stones Retro Tee   4.SUNDRY LA NY Paris Boy T-Shirt

5.Magnolia Pearl Luna Tee  6.Retro Brand NYC Peace Tee


9.Partners in Crime tee by Prince Peter Partners 10.We Got Heart Tee

11.Love me Lexington Graphic Tee 12.MADEWORN ROCK Pink Floyd Animals 1977 Tee

13.Pink Patchwork by Madeworn(sale) 14.ANINE BING Tiger Tee

15.Rolling Stones Madeworn  16.Proenza Schouler Pswl Bold Graphic Logo T-Shirt

17. The Doors tee by Madeworn  18.Rolling Stones by Madeworn

19. Guns n’ Roses tee by Madeworn 20.Daydreamer Queen Tee

21.Be A Nice Human Tee  22.Salt n’ Pepa tee by Madeworn

This DOORS tee is my favorite because of the shorter length. It hits right at the waist. How fun are the colors!
You can also find so many amazing tees at FREE PEOPLE. The GRAPHIC TEES are my favorite.


Activewear You’ll Swear is Lululemon – The best Dupes I wear!

I decided to do a round up of more affordable activewear and compare a few to the very famous LuluLemon all of us love. Don’t get me wrong, I wear lulu but I wish I had 100 pairs of the align leggings. I found an amazing option for 70% less. Check out my tried an true pieces I love. Some of them are almost EXACT!!!

1-2. ACTIVE QUICK DRY RUN SHORTS $20 (3 colors) vs.  QUICK SHORT by lululemon $58

3. DEFINE JACKET DUPE or the 4. ZIP UP TRACK FITTED JACKET  $30-39 These zip up jackets are almost the exact dupe of the lulu DEFINE JACKET by lululemon $118. Has the same rounded seams and fitted thumb holes.

5. DEFINE JACKET DUPE  $30- $39 vs. DEFINE JACKET by lululemon $118

6-7. LONG SLEEVE RUNNING SHIRT $16 (almost 80% cheaper!)  vs. LONG SLEEVE SWIFTLY CREW by lululemon $78

8-10. BLACK LEGGING LULU DUPES $23  vs.  ALIGN LEGGING by lululemon $98-$128

The leggings you probably came for!!  It’s no secret that I live in leggings these days. These leggings look good at the gym and out of the gym. Pair with an oversized sweater and boots or wer them to your spin class. I’m hooked. These also come in 8 colors. Buttery soft feeling with the high-waisted tummy control perk of sucking us in!!  These also have the same moisture-wicking stretch material. It’s over 70% less than the lulu lemon pair.

11-12. RACER BACK TANK DUPE  $10 vs. RACER BACK TANK by lululemon $48

13.-16. STRAPPY SPORTS BRA DUPE or THIS ONE  or OPEN BACK STRAPPY $13-$20 vs. FREE TO BE BRA by lululemon $52




MATCHED – every designer item has a budget friendly match

1.My Chloe sunnies were a big hit this week. I had a bunch of messages about where I bought them and also if I had a budget friendly match.

2.GOLDEN GOOSE SNEAKS are a fav but come with a steep price tag. I totally get it. It’s high! I found these GG dupes here and here.

3.SO many designers are doing expensive versions of  THIS DRESS.

4.Hermes sandals are on my favorite list. I found a budget friendly that I’ve never seen HERE

5.Valentino is a favorite of mine. I have the wedges and sandals. I found these JELLY THONGS and WEDGES for those looking.

6.Can you guess the designer behind THIS RING?

7.Obsessed with this version of the GUCCI BELT.

Budget Friendly

Higher price points

1.Light Gray -Backpack Purse or Diaper Bag / Perfect Travel Bag /Vegan Leather Large Travel Bag / Shoulder Bags

2.Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Gua Sha Sculpty Facial Tool

3.L’Academie- The Chloe Ruffle  Skirt (I have the size small)

4.ale by alessandra Sancho Hat

5.RAYE Finn Heel

6.MISA Los Angeles Laia Dress

7.House of Harlow 1960 x REVOLVE Bella Long Sleeve Bodysuit (wearing this with Chloe Skirt)

8.Luxury Make Up Bag Shell Shape Cosmetic Toiletry Travel Bags including 4 Size Bag (White)

9.Private Island Necklace

10.Off Shoulder Dress

11.Women’s Air Max 200 Sneaker

12.Golden Goose Slide Sneaker

13.Ulla Johnson Arusi Tote

14.Angelina Blouse

15.Ahnika Leather Bootie

16.Amata Dress

17.Noles Heel

18.Blaire Dress

19.Amora Jumpsuit

20.Eden Dress

21.Tularosa Janet Bodysuit

22.ROCOCO SAND Melody Maxi Dress

23.Chrysanthemum Gown

24.Kokomo Sweater

25.Carroll Dress

26.Ingrid Embroidered Top

27.Hazel Jacket

28.Tularosa Penny Sweater

29.Tularosa Leona Top

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