Jan 27, 2019

SUNDAY Q&A – TEN from today!

1. Can you find out best brands of TOWELS to use?

Yes! Most votes are below-

Lands End Turkish Towels – They have 40% off deals all the time.

Threshold Towels – (lots of prints and colors)

Quick Dry from Crate & Barrel

2.What size did you get in the knock off ALIGN LEGGINGS? I’ a 0-2. 

I got the size small. You might need xs. I’m a size 2-4. 

3.How do you make time for everything you need to do?

Not going to lie, it’s not easy! I have to prioritize everything. Some things I really want to do, I just can’t. Between raising kids, work, and life I can’t do everything. I say NO to things a lot more than I’d like. Setting goals monthly helps keep my focus on what matters most and what drives me to do specific things with my time.

4.Which shampoo do you use with the Brazilian Blow out. 

I got the specific Brazilian Blowout shampoo. I bought it right after my treatment.

5.What face moisturizer do you use day and night?

I’m loving EMOLLIENCE. I also love this DREAM FACE by  FRESH.

6. Do you do your own laundry or do you have it done somewhere? Was looking at condos and didn’t see units and wondered what people do?

Sorry I do it at home but I know there are definitely laundry services that come and pick up your laundry and return it washed and folded. We did this when we lived in NYC. Just check reviews and make sure they are known for returning you all your own clothes. We went through a few services that constantly gave people the wrong items. It was so crazy!

7. What are your favorite SWIMSUIT BRANDS?

8. How will you style #2 on the “it List” to cover a little more up top?

I thought it would be so cute with a LEATHER JACKET or WHITE LONG SLEEVE BODYSUIT underneath to go with DRESS #2.

9.Have you heard of no.1 serum?

Yes! I love it. I’ve worked with this brand many times and know it’s huge over seas. Its a fab serum!

10.What products do you use for the best BANGS?

I answered this question on HAIR 101 under the bang section!

11.Do you workout in your Nike 270’s for cardio and weights? Are they true to size?

Yes! I wear them for everything. So good to run in and enough support for weight training and boxing. I get mine half size bigger than my other shoes. I have them in GUAVA ICE

NIKE 270’s in guava ice

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