Dec 15, 2019


My most asked about item is this BLACK TEE called the the BLEND TEE. It’s amazing and fits similar to a bodysuit without the uncomfortable strap. It’s so soft and stretchy. Such a great tee. I have it in xs and small. True to size.

the BLEND TEE (fitted and stretchy) / LEATHER PANTS /CELINE SUNNIES (dupe here) /

the BLEND TEE (fitted and stretchy) back in stock / SKIRT 


1.Can you link to the MORNING SKIN DRINK you make in the morning one more time?

hey! yep it’s called the MORNING SKIN SUPERPOWDER. It’s full of antioxidants and vitamins that specifically help your skin. I really love it. It’s also gluten free for those asking.One packet per 8fl oz of water.Packed with Vit C and Vit E. CoQ10. Helps with collagen,free radicals and it’s a great antioxidant.

2.Where are your Christmas pajamas from on your insta-stories?

TARGET!  I love their pajamas. THERMAL TOP and THERMAL BOTTOMS

3.Did you have to size down a half a size in BLACK ADIDAS?

I ordered my usual size. I’d say true to size.

4. What’s the SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE you use? 

I linked the recipe HERE

5.I wanted to try again and see if you’ll answer my question! Given you are an aesthetician. I’m 34 yo and have pretty good skin minus sun spots. Do you have any products you love for lightening sun spots and improving skin tone? I’ve been using Tula illuminating face serum and find it to be “ok”. It hasn’t done much for me. Do you have any favorites in that price range?

You need to use a RETINOL! This is when you will see the most change. This will promote skin cell regeneration and help shed the layers of old skin with blemishes and sun damage. Also make sure and wear a really good SUNSCREEN. During the day a VIT C product is essential (THIS ONE IS LESS EXPENSIVE and created by my dermatologist) for helping sun spots and anti-aging. You can also put this PIGMENT CORRECTOR on once a day. Seems to help my skin! You will end up spending more money for these products. Medical grade products are more expensive but necessary to see bigger changes.

6. What’s your review on the POWERBEATS PRO WIRELESS EARPHONES?

I’m actually obsessed with them. The POWER BEATS PRO’S feel snug and stay put during my entire workout. I jump around a lot when I workout and these stay put! I wore the huge beats headphones to the gym in the past. Although I love them they are huge and sometimes make my ears feel numb. I can’t wear the apple airpods because they fall right out of my ears. I honestly want to tell everyone how amazing the POWER BEATS PRO’S are. Life changing!!

7.Where are your CHRISTMAS TREES from? 

My Vickerman tree in my family room is flocked alberta with pine cones.

My tree in my entry is King Of Christmas.

8.Where do you find your POM POM ORNAMENTS?

40% off HERE

9.Do you take good probiotics? 

Yep! I get them at my health food store and only buy the ones in refrigerated section. I wrote a post all about PROBIOTICS HERE.

10.What did you think of the FLAWLESS HAIR REMOVER? I was also curious what type of battery it used?

I’m loving it! It really works and it does exactly what it says it will. My skin feels nice and smooth and it gets all the peach fuzz off my face. It’s awesome. And the FLAWLESS HAIR REMOVER is under $20!

11.Who makes those SUPER CUTE JEANS in your posts that follow! Xo love all your posts lately.

These are my most asked about JEANS! I love them too and want to order a new pair because I wear them so much! I just saw my size was sold out so I found them HERE as well. Go up one size. Trust me!! They are the levi 501’s. Every pair is a little different.

12.Hi! What jeans are you wearing in your dressing room posts? Thanks!

I’m wearing THESE JEANS

13.Where is your big 32 oz. mug from? How much water are you drinking these days?

I’m drinking at least 3 of these a day. This is the link to the  BUBBA 32 oz MUG

14.I love your blog and all your tips!! Do you have a favorite blow dryer?

yep! It’s the T3 FEATHERWEIGHT DRYER. It’s on sale too.

15.Why did you get a colonoscopy at this age? 

My grandma passed away at a young age of 52 with colon cancer. I’m just playing it safe and making sure I keep on top of my health. If it runs in family members you can start younger. 38 is a great age to get it done if you have family history.

16.How tall are you? I’m trying to decide on what size to order when I see you in the dressing room posts.


17.I saw you received all those NEST CANDLES. Do you have a favorite scent yet? Just wondering which one to order.

I love her BIRCHWOOD PINE and SUGAR COOKIE SCENT the most! Honestly they are all so good.

18.I love your style so much. You do such a great job with all your posts but I can’t ever afford anything you post. Is it possible for you to start posting more affordable clothing? Thanks again for the inspo.

I totally understand. I really try to mix highs and lows. Check out some of the dupe or amazon posts. I post alot of affordable options! They are all in a lower price range and have really cute options. I shop a lot of low prices too. Especially for my kids.

19.Can you share EARRING DUPES to these HEART AlESSANDRA Rich pair ($325)

yes these HEART EARRINGS are very similar and way less expensive. (under $50!)

20. Can I ask who did your pantry makeover? I love it.

Here is a link to my PANTRY MAKEOVER and all info is on there. I love her!!

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