Nov 24, 2019



We did family pictures yesterday and I can’t wait to get our pictures back. It’s so hard to do family pictures in 39 degrees but our kids were champs! I changed last minute out of my dress and ended up wearing my favorite LEATHER PANTS with a black top. It was so cold! Next year we will do pictures in the summer. When I was out shopping for Dennis’ outfit the Nordstom Clerk convinced me that these Men Tees were the best around. Dennis wore this LONGSLEEVE in pictures. Turns out he was right. Dennis loves them. Good gift idea for the guy in your life. I’ll share more details as soon as we get them back.

1. I need a COZY THROW for gifts. I know you love BAREFOOT DREAMS but I need something under $50. Thanks.

These POM POM blankets are $29 ON SALE, so soft and adorable. I love them hanging off the couch or chair.

2. Please link the LEOPARD $49 DRESS you found. I love it. what size are you?

It is so similar to the GANNI DRESS (post here) I have and adore. I’m wearing the size small.


3. I need gift ideas for my HUSBAND. Did you make a gift guide?


4. Are the ABERCROMBIE JEANS you love still on sale?

Yes! I wrote a POST HERE about them/  $35 ABERCROMBIE JEANS (sale)|

Dennis’ COAT 30% off code BRRR

on Dennis 33% off his coat – Ludlow Coat or this Topcoat (his color is last year) loving the light heather grey tan and navy | Filson Bag | Vibram Boots in cognacCanada Goose Beanie




5. Can you share HOLIDAY OUTFITS? 

I love THIS BLACK TOP with this SKIRT.


6. Can you share your daily SKINCARE ROUTINE?

My Skincare Routine

morning regimen–  wake up wash face – Glycolic Renewal Cleanser – This cleanser is blowing my mind. The LHA cleanser has been sold out for over a month so I switched to this one from Skin Ceuticals. The glycolic acid in it is 8% and does such a great job of re-texturizing your skin. It’s evening out tone, texture and does wonders for hyperpigmentation. You can also feel the tingle when you face. It will definitely be my new go-to cleanser.

-apply VITAMIN C (skin ceutical dupe and made by my dermatologist. I’m obsessed) – let absorb for 1 minute

– apply MOISTURIZER (I’m hooked on the TRIPLE LIPID. I promise it’s worth the price),

– apply SUNSCREEN  (this one is formulated for skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation or breakouts)

 EYE BALM,(best around and not near as expensive as what I was using from my doctor. It’s half the price and amazing!) in the mornings & at night I put it on

-ANTI-AGING CONCEALER(color -medium sand)/ for under eyes and anywhere else you need coverage (conceals dark spots, bags under eyes, veins, pigment, break outs, scars)  If I was stranded on a island this is the one product I’d take. I’m lost without it. I actually feel naked when I’m not wearing it.

-COLORSCIENCE STICK (I wear medium) doubles as my powder with SPF in it!

night regimen

– wash face LHA CLEANSER (finally back in stock!!)or Glycolic Renewal Cleanser


-RESURFACING PEEL (safe while nursing & pregnant, contains retinatural complex which is plant based)

-Skin Brightening Cream

-Triple Lipid Restore

EYE BALM(best around and not near as expensive as what I was using from my doctor. It’s half the price and amazing!) in the mornings & at night I put it on


7. I’m looking for SLIPPERS for all the girls in my family. Do you have an affordable pair?

Yes! These BP SLIPPERS are so soft and under $30.

8. Is your husband supportive of you being a blogger?

Yes! He is extremely supportive and loves that I have a career.

9. How do you like your VENEERS? Will you do a review for us?

I am working on a review. I’m tweaking them this week after living in them for a couple of days. I want to round out some of the edges but yes, I’m so happy with them!

10. Have you thought about doing your own SKINCARE LINE? You are my skincare guru. Can you review NURSE JAIME products?

Yes I have! It’s actually something I’ve been working on and hoping 2020 will be a great year to launch it!

11. How many units of Botox do you get?

I do 10 on my forehead and 10 more around my eyes I think. Here is a BOTOX POST on what you need to know.

12. Have you done any facial fillers?

I talked about doing my UNDER EYES HERE. People always ask if I do my cheeks. I do not. I was born with really big cheeks. Kids in elementary school called me chipmunk face. Kids are brutal, lol.

13.Top 2 products from new Beauty Counter retinol line?

It’s hard to pick 2! I’m obsessed with the counter line. It feels so luxurious. I love the Retinatural complex and it’s safe for pregnant women and nursing women. (gives same results as retinol)

Radiance Serum and the Eye Cream are the two I wouldn’t want to live without.

14. How do you organize your schedule? When did you start blogging?

I wrote a post about WHY I BLOG HERE. I have an amazing Talent Manager/assistant that helps me so much. We have daily calls and she keeps me organized. We use google sheets, calendars, and shared albums to keep track of everything. In the summer I feel completely out of control while traveling and kids home. During the school year I feel much more organized. I work when the kids are at school.

15. If you workout in the morning – do you do your skincare routine before or after? Or both?

I wake up and do my skincare before I head out. I always want the VITAMIN C to be on my face the second I leave the house. I repeat my morning skincare routine when I get back from the gym. I also leave cleanser, SPF ( SUNSCREEN) in my bag and this CC CREAM (light medium and medium are my colors) if I run errands after the gym. Also this  COLORSCIENCE STICK (I wear medium) doubles as my powder with SPF in it! PS- there is a 25% off dermstore sale happening right now!

16. How do you make the decision to buy the dupe or splurge. Do you compare quality, brand?

I love to take dupes with me when I travel. I also buy a dupe when I know I will only use it short term. I have a really great DUPE LIST going. Check it out! They are all the MATCHED POSTS in the series tab.

17. Can you tell me how the black booties run? Should I size up? 

I did a half size up. I like to wear thick socks with mine and I always order at least 1/2 size up in boots.

BOOTS (in black leather) The back has a little stretch panel and super easy to put on.

BOOTS (in black leather) | LEGGINGS for under $30 | Beyond Yoga  SWEATSHIRTS | FENDI HANDBAG

18. Can you share SALES you are starting to shop this week? 

Yes! There is a amazing JCREW 30% off sale right now and ABERCROMBIE 50% off sale right now.


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