Jun 4, 2013

Sun kissed skin: Bronzers & self tanner

I love the look of a sun-skissed glow year round. Some might say I’m addicted to self tanner. Partly because I have fair skin that does not tan. Like really. Burn-peel-freckle is the result of spending too much time in the sun for me. I’m a guinea pig for anything bronze. 
Here are my top 8 must haves:

5. This is one of the best in my opinion! A little goes a long way and it’s safe for the face too!
6. Here’s a easy tip: add a few of these bronzing drops into your body or facial lotion for an added boost of color. I love! 
7. I’ve bought this a few times. The color is dark and I really loved it! 
8. This self tanner always tricks people into thinking I’ve just had a spray tan. It’s doesn’t last very long but the price tag is so budget friendly everyone should give it a try! 

  • Always exfoliate before you tan. Get that loofa or wash cloth and scrub. Focus on areas like the knees, tops of feet, elbows and hands that tend to grab color. 
  • Apply a dab of lotion to the areas mentioned above before you apply your tanner. 
  • Wear gloves to apply your tanner! 
  • When it comes to bronzer DO NOT forget to lightly bring it down your neck and onto your chest. A little goes a long way with bronzer. Try not to go overboard. I’m totally guilty of that. 

What are your favorite bronzers? 

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  1. I am thoroughly convinced in this said post. I am currently searching for ways in which I could enhance my knowledge in this said topic you have posted here. It does help me a lot knowing that you have shared this information here freely.

  2. I enjoyed your post, I also love tanning and bronzing. I love the Bobbi Brown brick too but its not cheap. There is a brilliant new british brand called Sunkissed and their tan products are amazing (amazingly good and amazingly cheap) Bonus! I also like their Glimmer Compact. xx

  3. I love Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick! Their bronzer is great too, it’s really matte. I will have to try a few of these. I like Fake Bake’s tanner that come’s with the mitt. It’s worked pretty good so far. Before washing it off my 2 year-old really takes a second look at me. :/

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