Nov 4, 2015

Skin Prep with Eco Tools

Now that summer is officially over it’s time to refresh & prep your skin for the winter months ahead. My skin gets really dry and tends to crack if I don’t follow certain steps. I also like to add a little color to my skin in the safest way possible. I do a spray tan once a month and keep a bottle of THIS amazing self tanning bronzing mist at home. It doesn’t smell and instantly gives you color. It’s my favorite!! Read the steps below to keep your skin healthy and happy during the dry months ahead.

eco tools 1

First I exfoliate like crazy. I use my DRY BODY BRUSH by Eco tools. It leaves my skin soft and glowing while removing dead skin cells. This way the products you apply after can penetrate deeper into your skin. I use upward motions and do my legs, mid section and arms (especially the backs of my arms). Scrub these areas really good.
eco tools 3
I also exfoliate my face with THIS facial sponge. It’s 100% natural and adds a really great element to your daily skin routine. It’s always best to exfoliate to detoxify your skin from daily impurities.
eco tools 2
After my skin is exfoliated, I get out my trusted self tanner. I like to keep a little summer glow during the winter months. Nothing too dramatic but it feels good to have a little color.
Now you know the secrets to keeping healthy skin during the winter. I love using eco tools. These  are amazing  beauty tools that won’t break the bank. They will help you stay on top of your beauty game. Check out these exfoliating tools HERE and start exfoliating!


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