Aug 15, 2017

#ootd + Tips To Stay Organized

I had the hardest time deciding between NAVY or CREAM in this EYELET top, so naturally I bought both;). Wearing the cream here with my best STUDDED sandals and these incredible BONE SUNGLASSES. 





1.Make lists. I make a list for each week and then break down each day. GoogleKeep is amazing for lists and has an app! I love that it synchs to all my devices through my email. I’ll often just jot things down in the notes section of my phone. When I make lists for each week, I don’t often remember everything, so I try and take a few minutes either right before bed or right when I wake up each day to add or change to my day. Making lists of tasks and goals only helps if you actually do them. I have been trying to do dreaded tasks first and then completing the easy ones. Knowing myself, the longer I put something off, the harder it is for me to complete. Procrastination 101. 

2. Make your bed right when you wake up. This helps me stay on track the rest of the day, especially keeping up on the house. When my bed is made, and the kids beds are made, it makes me more aware of other items that may be out of place, like clothes and shoes on the floor.

3. Invest in the right tools. I try to use all of the same hangers for our clothes, I’ve placed trash cans in many places around our house and in every bedroom, we have racks and bins for shoes and backpacks, and so on. Start organizing the rooms and spaces that get the most use. For us, its closets, bathrooms (well, our ONE bathroom all 6 of us use until the others are finished), kitchen, pantry, and laundry room. Every space is different, so the bins and containers I use, may not be the best ones for you, but try experimenting by just buying a few different options to see what you like best and then order a bunch to work for the space.

4. Put things away. This sounds obvious and easy for OCD people like myself but it’s something I have to remind my children of regularly. I’ve noticed that we leave even one item out, it’s a gateway for a messy house.

5.Don’t be afraid to get rid of things! Jeff knows my dream gift would be a subscription to a dumpster service. I don’t keep things, in fact I throw so much away I’ve been known to toss homework that’s due the next day because it’s sitting on the counter. Oops. Clothes, toys, office supplies, papers, whatever it may be; if you don’t use it, just get rid of it. The more you keep, the more things pile up. #myworstnightmare

6. Find a place for everything in your kitchen. Even though I have appliances or items I use on a daily basis, I don’t leave them left out. I’ve organized cupboards and drawers so that the items I use often are in the front and easy to get out and put away.

7. Meal plan and prep. I don’t go overboard with meal planning because we do enjoy eating out some nights. My kids and Jeff give me a list of the meals they like so I have about 15-20 on rotation.  I make sure we have quick, easy snacks on hand  and always have fresh fruits and veggies. I try to clean all of my produce and cut everything up so it’s ready to go soon after I get home from the grocery store.

8. Delegate tasks. Our kids are more capable than we often think! After age 5 they can all put away their own clothes, make their beds, wipe counters, etc. In my house everyone helps. Not only does this keep your home organized you are also doing your children a service (they won’t think so;)) by teaching them how to clean and keep a tidy space.

9. Find time for yourself. This is hard as a mom. When I was single I would spend 15 mins everyday in my closet. The first 10 in prayer and the remaining 5 breathing with intent to refocus. Whatever you chose: meditation, yoga, using essential oils, sitting in my car with a Red Bull(guilty), or spending 20 mins with a great HAIR or FACE mask on, do it.

Use these tools to create a system that works for you. Some people are really good at sticking to charts with all the bells and whistles and some are better at keeping lists.

XXO lisa

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  1. Thanks lisa! It will definitely be fun to be able to share and pass down clothes to my girls when they are older. I am sure your girls love that!

  2. Love all the tips Lisa! Do you have a hard and fast rule on how you decide what clothes to part with? I tend to hang onto things because I still like them even though I’m honestly probably not going to wear it anytime soon. And since you always are getting new cute things, seems like you would have that same situation. So I’d love to know how you decide or where you draw the line on that. Thanks!

    • I don’t. I donate or give to my kids and family 90% of the clothes I wear. I’m not a emotionally attached to things type of person, so it’s easy for me to purge.
      I guess if it’s a classic item you know you will wear again (little black dress, denim, white top, etc) and not a trendy piece keep it until you realize you haven’t worn it in 6 months to a year. I know it’s not easy for people to get rid of things and too easy for me to. I should prob find some balance in this area as well;)

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