Oct 23, 2017


Jacket, my leggings, my running shoes 

Every year, when the weather starts to cool down and I know the holidays are coming, I find myself needing a little extra motivation. My first tip in achieving fitness goals is to switch up my routine. I’ve been trying to slowly kick up the intensity, preparing me to work off all the delicious food that comes with the holidays. The next tip is to shop. Buy something you can feel good in and something you WANT to feel good in. If you feel good while you’re exercising, you’ll push yourself. Soon enough (but what feels like a lifetime) you can fit into that item you bought  to keep you motivated!

I swear by new workout gear boosting my motivation to exercise. It may seem silly, but it works for me! This also goes for having the right items for each season. If you only own long sleeve tops, I bet you are going to dread working out in the dead of summer, or vice versa for winter. I recently just found a ton of fall workout items at Macy’s that I’m obsessing over. I can’t say enough good things about them; I can always find what I’m looking for and in my size! I’ve been doing early morning workouts, so sweatshirts and half-zips have been life savers. For mornings when go to a class, I like to wear a long sleeve under a hoodie. I usually take off my hoodie soon after class starts, but I’m always glad I have an extra layer. I love layering for outdoor workouts too, once the sun is up. But before the sun comes up, I love having a warmer jacket, like this one, that is still light enough to move in. Here are some of my favorites for fall!


I love this half zip sweatshirt, especially the bold stripes.

A staple hoodie, in my opinion. And under $50!

This top looks so cozy and I love the back detail.

This long sleeve with mesh details is amazing. I could see this being perfect for a morning run on the beach.

You can’t really beat this top for under $15!

Majorly obsessed with this cropped hoodie and this vintage hoodie!

I’m not sure how, but these leggings are under $40 and so amazing!

These sweats are so cute! Great for running!

I love these warm leggings.

XXO lisa

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