Jul 31, 2018

links I lOVE

1.this fitted WHITE TEE SHIRT  is amazing. I have my radar on for great white tees and this fits every requirement. just the perfect fit to wear under dresses or under fitted jackets.


2.this WHITE MIDI DRESS was so much fun to wear around the city yesterday. Super versatile because you can wear it as a cover up or wear it with a tee under it. this dress also comes in orange. I have the xs on but wish I had the small. tight around my chest.

3.i grabbed these GOLD SNEAKERS at jcrew on the spot. so comfortable! true to size. these are flying off the shelves so grab them asap if you have your eye on them. i am a true size 6 and they fit perfectly.

4.huge SALE at JCREW & CREWCUTS right now. get an additional 50% off sale price. i walked away with $10 dresses for my girls for back to school. i spent $105 and had a bag full of clothes at crewcuts.

5.have you tried this ARIZONA PERFUME? i am really into it lately.

6.my son Davis just challenged me to read two books a month. he is an avid reader and can do that in two weeks. so I’m looking for a few books to read. gonna pick up THE WIFE BETWEEN US and hoping to find one more. leave any recs if you have a good one.

7.how GOOP turned into a 250 million dollar business

8. 3 products that really changed my skin – ELTA MD SUNSCREEN (designed to help protect skin that is prone to pigmentation) CE FERULIC, ELEMIS FACE CREAM

9.i read this qoute and loved it – “Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you’re at your worst. Someone who is there, alongside you, for all the highs and lows, and somehow still loves you.”

10.i want to make this FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE.

11.do you know what JOMO means? it’s the opposite of fomo and interesting article to read.

12.i’m scared to death about my son turning 11 and headed to middle school. he gets a phone this year for safety reasons and i ordered all these BOOKS to go over with him about growing up in the age of devices. it keeps me up at night thinking about how much kids have to go through now. i would have been so traumatized if instagram was around during my high school days. it would have been hard!


what I packed for our EUROPE trip in a few days! 

i went to other stories and found a few dresses – EMBROIDERED KAFTAN (way cute in person, also belted) I got the smallest size / loving this GREEN DRESS too / prettiest WHITE LACE DRESS for a great price

just ordered these BLACK LEGGINGS and I love the stripe down the side. I’ll wear them all over London with sneakers and a WHITE TEE.

i am crazy about this GREEN MAXI DRESS. It’s gorgeous. and this DRESS is unreal. Casual vibes and would be so cute walking around in with sneakers. i ordered THIS GORGEOUS DRESS (splurge but so pretty)

have a great day!



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