Oct 30, 2017

Girls White Dress

Girls White Dress

Sweet Gwen turns 8! This is a big milestone in the church I belong to. This is the age that kids get to decide if they want to get baptized. Gwen is really excited about getting baptized in a couple weeks. I can’t help but think about the last 8 years and how Gwen has changed me for the better. I feel like she has taught me to love deeper than I ever have. I’ve also PRAYED HARDER(don’t laugh at my yellow hair) than I ever have. Motherhood has been harder than anything I’ve done and I count it as my biggest accomplishment. It’s also such a blast and I’m so thankful I have these beautiful kids.

I remember being in the ultrasound room with all the girls in my family. We waited patiently to find out if Gwen was a girl or boy. When the technician said a girl, “I screamed and said SHUT UP!” I cried for like ten minutes and couldn’t believe I was having a girl. A mini me! A shopping partner! A little lady to raise and teach all about the world. To travel with her and serve with her. It was a humbling moment for sure, to know God was trusting me with this little girl. I have loved every single minute with Gwen. Thanks sweet Gwen for choosing me to be your mom. Love you and I  love our eight years together. xx


WHITE DRESS runner up!

flower crown by crowns by christy – fresh or faux. She ships!

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