Sep 13, 2019


1.How do you keep up your enthusiasm for instagram?

Some days I’m 110% and feel on top of the world. Other days I can’t even pick up my phone to look at social media. It definitely is a job and there are days I feel so excited about it and days I don’t. I keep up my enthusiasm by new projects I’m working on or brand deals I’m doing. I try and mix things up so I have new things to look forward to. I’m a skincare fanatic and decided I should start a highlight series about “Best Facials in NYC” this gives me some new excitement to research places and find the best spots and tips for you guys.

2.What do you do with your clothes when you’re done with them? Donate or sell?

I give them away! I thought about selling them but it never felt right to me. I like to pay it forward.

3.What can be done for upper lip wrinkles? Or what do you currently do? What about neck/ decolletge area?

For upper lip wrinkles you can do a series of chemical peels. Some people use filler or botox depending on what you need. Go to a great doctor that can help you decide.

For neck – Strivectin NECK +  (15% off today) is a game changer when it comes to the skin on your neck and decollete. I found them a couple years ago and only buy their neck cream now. They use advanced formulas and techniques to give us the best products for our neck. It’s a lifting and toning cream and formula.

4.Can you link your chain huggies? 

They are from Shop Monarch Market.

5. Looking for Bottega Veneta cloud clutch dupe

Yep there is a good one out right now. It’s from Anthropologie. HERE.

6. For melasma- chemical peel or laser like IPL?

Please never ever laser melasma. Your skin will get worse. I promise. Don’t believe anyone that says IPL will fix melasma. It only helps sun spots, not melasma. Do chemical peels or cosmelan peel.

7. Do you think the dad sneaker trend is relevant?

I mean….no. But that’s just me. I stick with my golden goose and P448’s. I see magazine shots with dad sneakers and sometimes like the image but I can’t pull them off. I’d consider wearing the gucci dad sneakers, lol.

8. Can microneedling break up melasma and make it look worse?

No it won’t make it worse. You just need more than one treatment to make a big difference. When I had a huge melasma flare up I got one prp microneedling facial for 3 months in a row. It helped so much!

9.Hey, do you really use that blow dryer brush thingy? 

Oh my gosh, yes! I really use it and love it. I actually sit on my floor in my bedroom and blow dry brush my hair while I catch up on my favorite shows. Gwen and Chloe now have one in their bathroom because it’s so easy for them to use and do their own hair. Makes them feel independent.

10.Just got diagnosed with celiac, Now what?

Go find a dietician that works specifically with gluten free and celiac clients. This will save you so much yo-yo ing and will get you on the right path. Trust me, it’s worth the money to learn how to eat properly. F Factor has a program for celiac people so do many other dieticans. Just do your research.

11.What cream do you recommend for neck and decollete? 

Strivectin NECK +  (15% off today) is a game changer when it comes to the skin on your neck and decollete. I found them a couple years ago and only buy their neck cream now. They use advanced formulas and techniques to give us the best products for our neck. It’s a lifting and toning cream and formula.

12. Tips for postpartum weightloss/ getting back into a routine? 

Be consistent. There are a bajillion routines and programs you can do. Pick one and then stick to it for a long period of time. The weight will come off. I promise! Ease into a routine. Start the first week with eating clean and making changes to your diet. Once that feels good, then start walking a few days a week. Once that feels good, start lifting weights a few days a week. Slow and steady wins the race.


1.I love your AMAZON POSTS! Can you link them all in one spot for us once a week to look through? 


2.What do you use to grow your EYELASHES? I know you said you use one so that it keeps your lashes strong while you get extensions. Do you have a few at different price points?

Yes! I use neuLASH. I love it and it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. It’s a little pricey but will last you forever! I’ve also used REVITA LASH. You can get the smaller size and try it out if you don’t want to spend more than $50. Both work great and I’ve used both!

3.Jenna, whats the face wash you posted about? I battle same skin issues as you! 

I love the LHA CLEANSER by Skin Ceuticals. It’s a gel cleanser that feels so smooth as it cleanses. You can feel the active ingredients cleansing your skin. It’s a fav right now.

4.Do you have a coupon code for PURE BIODEERM products? I love the VITAMIN C so much! 

I don’t but it’s priced so great. It’s half the price of others that have the exact ingredients. I’m a big believer that you need VIT C every single day under your sunscreen.

5.What CELL PHONE CASE do you use?

I have this CLEAR CASE right now.

6.Do you think the MZ WALLACE BAG would be a good diaper bag? I’m not loving the diaper bags out right now.

Absolutely! It’s such a great bag for kids. MZ actually makes a diaper bag if you want to check that out too. It’s called the KATE. It has two sides for bottles. I use the METRO TOTE for my kids and myself.

7.What’s the product combo you use to get rid of ZITS/BREAK OUTS? I forgot to screen shot it.

Yes This is a question I get asked daily. GLYCOLIC TONER and this DRYING LOTION (pimple zapper!)

8.What do you wear to work out in? I need some suggestions other than lulu lemon. 

I love these TANKS! (3 pack for $23)  I also posted a bunch of WORKOUT CLOTHES here.



9.I’m going to Paris for the first time. What kind of outfits should I pack? 

Pack cute sneakers to wear with dresses, skirts and your jeans. You will walk so much!! I linked a bunch of ideas below.

10.Is it a struggle to work and raise a family? I don’t work right now and can barely keep up with the demands of motherhood. I wonder how working moms do it all. I’d like to work but I don’t think I would be able to keep up with everything. 

yes! It’s always a juggling act but once all my kids started full time school it changed everything! It’s still  hectic but I get my work done while they are at school. When they were little it was really tricky. I remember putting them to bed at 7pm and then I’d work until 1-2am. I did that for a couple years. I was exhausted but I needed the outlet. I just took one year at a time and adjusted to what my family needed. If you really want to work I promise it will all work out if you have a passion for it.

11.Do you think you will live in Connecticut the rest of your life? We just moved to NYC and I’m looking at different areas to raise our family. Is CT snobby? 

I think so but I guess you never know. We started out in downtown NYC and I remember checking out all the surrounding suburbs. Initially we thought about raising our kids in the city but decided the hustle was just too much for me to handle as a mom. We actually really love it in CT.  And about the snobby people – I think you can find pockets of that everywhere.

12.Did your daughter make it back into NYC ballet? I find it so fascinating that you drive her every week to the city to dance. 

Yes!! She did. Thanks for asking. xx

13.Best SANDALS found on a budget? 

14.Where did you get your new Golden Goose sneakers? Do they run true to size?

I order one size up in GG’s. I like to slip mine on. You can find them HERE


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