Nov 1, 2019

Friday Five – Let’s Talk 5 Topics



Favorite Finds this week

1. I honestly hate spending a lot of money on workout clothes. It seems crazy to me to spend More than $20-30 on a tank or sports bra. I found this $20 AMAZON TANK I am obsessed with and it is $20. Comes in so many colors. I have all my LULU LEMON DUPES in one post HERE.

2. Have you seen the new items from the COLSIE line at Target? I spent way too much time there yesterday trying everything on. I love THIS SET and these THERMALS.

3. These MESH GG STAR sneakers are finally back in stock. I’ve wanted them for a couple of years and couldn’t find them anywhere.

4. I have HOLIDAY FAM JAMS on my mind. We head to Rockefeller Center for Breakfast with Santa each year. My kids wake up early in the hotel and we head to breakfast in our pjs. We have done this for 8 years!

5. I found the best $12 POM POM BEANIE at Target yesterday. I’m wearing it HERE. It’s almost identical to the $50 Free People Beanies that sell out each year. These are $12! SO many great colors.

Real Talk

1. Are you on sugar overload from last night? I am! I ate my weight in swedish fish and reeses’ cups. I don’t want my sugar coma to take over my entire weekend. I also don’t want to eat all of my kids’ candy for the next month. Heather (the nutritionist I’ve been working with) suggests getting yourself right into the gym. Sweat hard and drink 2 liters of water. Heather does a Protein & Veggie push the day after Halloween. Have a well-balanced meal after the gym. I’m going to have eggs and 2 sides of veggies for breakfast. For lunch I will have a huge salad with chicken, feta, tomatoes and cucumbers. My snack will be a Rev Glo protein bar. Dinner will be tacos at Bar Taco. I get my tacos in lettuce and order veggies to dip my guacamole in. It’s also important to stay on track this time of year. From Halloween to New Years is the highest weight gain months. So many people pack on 10-15 pounds the next 3 months. Stay focused!! I know in years past I’ve gained a bunch of weight over the holidays and it’s never a good feeling. It’s also so hard to get up the motivation to lose it all. We can do this, let’s rally and stick together. I believe that you can have treats and cheat meals if you have consistent workouts and keep a food journal. Make sure you eat 80% of the week on track.

2. Okay let’s talk Veneers. I have a spot on my INSTAGRAM HIGHLIGHTS saved so you can see the process. I have an incredible dentist in Westport that is amazing to work with. He is one of Brian Harris’ virtual smile doctors. Their work is amazing. Make sure and check out the stories. They are pretty funny. You can also see how he changed my smile a bit. I grind my teeth when I sleep and the back of my teeth were getting really small. Also causing my smile and teeth to shift. I had two gaps in the back of my mouth that formed as my teeth started to shift. Getting veneers helps fight against gum disease and covers up these gaps, so I don’t have to worry about food getting caught and cavities. I’m really excited to see the final version next week. I’m still in my temporary teeth (trying hard not to break them!) and waiting patiently for the final version in 10 days. If you peek at my highlight tab you will see what the process is like from start to finish. I even showed the reducing of my natural teeth.

3. My Gwenie turns 10 next week!! I can’t believe how fast she is growing up. She is requesting to take her soccer team out for dinner and a shopping spree. Sounds fun to me! What are your weekend plans? I’m hoping for a date night on Saturday if we can break away. We need it! Our schedules have been all over the place for the last couple of months. I just need an adult night. Sometimes I wish for a vacation in my own home. Kids can go to grandmas and I can be at home doing all the things without worrying about the kids. 

4.Charleston! My girlfriends invited me to go to Charleston in a couple of weeks. Have you been? I’m trying to get everything covered with Chloe’s ballet to be able to go. I really want to see Charleston and have a few days of girl time. The last time I went on a girl’s trip was Paris with Naomi and MM. I’ll be going with them to Charleston to see Morgan. She owns Minnow Swim (nothing makes me happier than to see women running their own companies). If you don’t follow her kid’s swim line, you need to! She is in so many magazines and her suits are loved by all (including all the celebs).

5. I went to a pilates class this morning and seriously almost passed out. I forgot how different being “pilates strong” is compared to just regular weights.


5 NYC Holiday Traditions

So excited for the Holidays! Things to do in NYC during the holidays.

1.Big Apple Circus

2. Christmas Spectacular Rockettes

3.Eloise at The Plaza  – Tea with Santa 

4. Nutcracker Ballet at Lincoln Center

5.Breakfast with Santa & Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center


5 Books

Book Lovers Day is today! Daily Stoic is top on my list. Do you prefer kindle or paperback? My New Year’s goal is to read one book a month. I’m usually a paperback kind of person but if I have it on a kindle will it be easier to always have a book? I need to slow down and take time to read and learn new things. I’m actually craving something new to learn.

1.Daily Stoic (Amazon)

2.Ella Enchanted (kids)

3.One Day in December 

4.Food: What the heck should I cook (Gluten & dairy free recipes)

5.Sisters (kids)


5 Beauty Favorites

1. I shared this TRAVEL MIRROR for the last 4 weeks. I take it to the gym with me and when I travel. One of the best beauty accessories I own. I have a code too! (code: jenna4 50% off) 

2. I recently discovered this DEWY MIST spray. Use it as a primer or to set your make up with. It will create hydrated and dewy skin wherever it is applied. People keep saying I look so refreshed. I love this stuff!

3. I finally caved and bought the T3 CURLING IRON. I haven’t curled my hair since I cut it. Wish me luck this weekend.

4. These EYESHADOW ROLL ON STICKS are my absolute favorite. So easy to apply and go. I throw a few of my favorite shades in my purse so I can apply them if I’m running late or need to get my make up done in the car. I love amethyst and moonlight.

5. Get VIT C in your daily skincare routine. Did you know it also helps protect your skin from the harmful sun and environment? People that use vit c daily on their skin develop less wrinkles and sunspots.  I use a skinceutical copycat by my dermatologist. It has the exact ingredients and half the price. I use it after I wash my face in the morning.


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