Jan 25, 2019

Friday Five 01.25.19

1.The best SHEETS to get right now are supposedly THESE. thanks to everyone who wrote in to tell me! MELLANNI SHEETS and a testimony from over 50 of you saying you will never buy anything different. (feel like butter! and only $25!!)

I had such a huge response yesterday with this lulu dupe post I had to include it on FRIDAY FIVE because the LULU dupe BLACK LEGGING LULU DUPES  are incredible and only $23.


I decided to do a round up of more affordable activewear and compare a few to the very famous LuluLemon all of us love. Don’t get me wrong, I wear lulu but I wish I had 100 pairs of the align leggings. I found an amazing option for 70% less. Check out my tried an true pieces I love. Some of them are almost EXACT!!!

1-2. ACTIVE QUICK DRY RUN SHORTS $20 (3 colors) vs.  QUICK SHORT by lululemon $58

3. DEFINE JACKET DUPE or the 4. ZIP UP TRACK FITTED JACKET  $30-39 These zip up jackets are almost the exact dupe of the lulu DEFINE JACKET by lululemon $118. Has the same rounded seams and fitted thumb holes.

5. DEFINE JACKET DUPE  $30- $39 vs. DEFINE JACKET by lululemon $118

6-7. LONG SLEEVE RUNNING SHIRT $16 (almost 80% cheaper!)  vs. LONG SLEEVE SWIFTLY CREW by lululemon $78

8-10. BLACK LEGGING LULU DUPES $23  vs.  ALIGN LEGGING by lululemon $98-$128

The leggings you probably came for!!  It’s no secret that I live in leggings these days. These leggings look good at the gym and out of the gym. Pair with an oversized sweater and boots or wer them to your spin class. I’m hooked. These also come in 8 colors. Buttery soft feeling with the high-waisted tummy control perk of sucking us in!!  These also have the same moisture-wicking stretch material. It’s over 70% less than the lulu lemon pair.

11-12. RACER BACK TANK DUPE  $10 vs. RACER BACK TANK by lululemon $48

13.-16. STRAPPY SPORTS BRA DUPE or THIS ONE  or OPEN BACK STRAPPY $13-$20 vs. FREE TO BE BRA by lululemon $52


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3.Need really cute V-DAY gift ideas? Go HERE.

4.My lips have been so extremely chapped this week. Flakey and just real dry. I started hyaluronic pills (hydrate your cells from the inside, out) and this LIP SALVE. In 24 hours I have already noticed a drastic change. 

5.I’m a sucker for boots. These BOOTS are 65% off. Found them at the outlet last week and all my girlfriends and I had to buy them. 

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