Jun 21, 2017

Cool Sculpt Q&A

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What is Cool Sculpt?

Cool Scuplt is a new device doctors use to reduce fat in problem areas of the body. Most common areas are love handles, back of arms, thighs, abdomen.

How does Cool Sculpting Work?

It’s a process that freezes the fat cells. The fat cells are then killed and your own body metabolizes them over 12 weeks.

Is it painful?

Most people say NO! I say YES! I did my lower back today and was surprised by the 3 minutes of fire at the end. It’s only 3 minutes after they remove the device. I got through it, and I’d do it again. Most people say they don’t feel a thing. I watched Netflix during my treatment, wrote this blog post, and called my mom. It’s an easy hour.

Why did I do my Lower Back?

I genetically have pockets of fat here. All my siblings do. No matter how skinny I am, it’s a problem area I have. This treatment should reduce it by up to 30%! You can always re-sculpt an area if you need more. Most people only need one treatment.

Is there recovery time?

The best part about this procedure is there is zero downtime. You can even do this on your lunch break. So easy! You see results as soon as 4-6 weeks. You can possibly bruise from the suction of the machine. So I don’t recommend going on a beach vacation the next day. My technician told me that if it’s performed on the abdomen you can experience a small amount of bloating for up to a week. But usually just the abdomen.

Is this permanent. Do the fat cells come back?

Nope! Once you get rid of fat cells, they are gone forever. You will have a little numbness in the area after the treatment. But you can exercise the very next day.

Do I recommend this?

YES I do! I think it is a great way to reduce fat in problem areas that just won’t budge. I would diet and exercise for at least 4-6 weeks and try and loose some of the weight that is bothering you. This treatment will help with the last 5-10 pounds you need. Or those trouble areas that store fat pockets.

If you have a lot of weight to lose you can do this too! You will just need more treatments.

I’m in great shape. Am I still a good candidate for this treatment?

Yes! If you can pinch it, the cool sculpt machine can get rid of it. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life right now at 37. However, I have small little areas that bother me. Remember, your body is your body. If something bothers you, you can fix it.

I am a huge believer of self love and loving your body at every size. I’m thankful my body gave me three beautiful kids. I gained over 75 pounds with my first! 50 pounds with my second and 25 pounds with my third. I’ve worked so hard to lose the baby weight over the years. I’m thankful for modern day medicine, technology, and doctors that can help us out after stretching our bodies out! Sometimes a treatment like this is just the motivation you need to get going and know that you can feel comfortable in your own skin.

COOL SCULPT REVIEW – 3 months post

Hi girls! Some of you asked me to do a review 3 months post cool sculpt. I definitely can see a difference in my waistline. It’s amazing how it really does sculpt the area you focus on. I had one treatment done & feel great about it. If you have larger areas of fat, I can see how you would need 2-3 treatments. I’ve also learned that before and after pictures are crucial. I forgot what I started with 3 months ago. Cool Sculpt definitely does reduce fat in problem areas of the body. Most common areas are love handles, back of arms, thighs, abdomen. These are all treatable and I’ve seen people with great results. Including myself! As the fat starts to melt off you might get little tingles in your skin. It’s not painful at all but it does feel a little twitchy at times.

Everyone handles this procedure different. I remember the nurses telling me it was completely pain free. I definitely felt pain for about 3-5 minutes post treatment. It goes away pretty fast but it’s uncomfortable. Take tylenol before you go and eat a small meal before the treatment. The treatment can make you a little nausea. You need something in your stomach before getting started. Crackers or toast would be ideal.

Always remember that these treatments are not permanent. If you don’t exercise or eat healthy the fat will come back. I think this is a great jump start treatment for those wanting to see results fast. It’s also great for people in great shape that can’t get rid of trouble areas. I give this treatment two thumbs up!

Have a great day! I’m happy to answer any other questions.


I go to Dr.Russak in NYC 

Email Madison for more info.


she has the best staff! They feel like family to me. I’ve been coming here for facials as well for over a year!

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  1. I know you posted this last year, but I’m getting the same procedure done in the same place. I paid for two treatments on both sides; originally, I was going in today but after my nurse consult this morning I bumped my procedure to the end of August, as I had no idea the swelling would be an issue and I have weeks left of pool time this summer with my kids. Can you expound a little more on the weeks immediately after your procedure? Did it inhibit your workouts much? Did too have to hide swelling with loose clothes? I’m fit and not overweight but have two pockets of back fat that I’m eager to lose. I’d love your insight.

    • You are able to workout the very next day! It tingles a little but it is the easiest procedure! You might bruise and swell up for a couple days but nothing major.


  2. You should post your before and after photos. I would love to see

  3. Curious to see before & after photos of the area you had done.

  4. Is it like liposuction where the fat surrounding the area will grow back and create that lumpy look lipo causes?

  5. Does cool sculpting help with wrinkly skin on the abdomen? I’ve had 3 kids- my baby is now six and I still have this skin that won’t tighten. I’m in super good shape and a size 0 so I don’t need to lose weight to tighten the skin. It’s really only noticeable when I bend over. If cool sculpting doesn’t help with this issue, do you know of any other treatments or products that do help? Thanks!

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