Oct 26, 2017

3 things on my mind…


1. You want to hear a creepy story? My car was broken into 2 weeks ago. In my driveway. My wallet and diaper bag were taken. In my wallet was a jackpot, with recent birthday gift cards, cash I had just pulled out to pay a cleaner, kids allowance and my diet Coke fund. Plus, my bank cards, license, etc. My diaper bag had our Disneyland passes, Ozzy’s hospital records from a recent flight, etc. My card was used at a 7-eleven 30 miles away. Here’s the creepy part…3 days later I was leaving to pick up Goldie from school and there was my wallet resting on top of my mailbox. It hadn’t been on the ground and just picked up and placed. I was checking the mail just that morning, waiting for my new debit card to arrive and it wasn’t anywhere in site. There was no info inside my wallet. So even if someone had found it, they wouldn’t know it was mine because it was totally wiped clean. I’m still a little freaked out.. On a positive note, this was the reminder we needed to get our security cameras set up. They’ve been on our mind, but on the back burner due to other home renovation tasks.

2. I attended a master class last Friday at Charlotte Tilbury in Nordstrom. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and had only purchased a CT lipgloss and some lipstick and liner for my mom. You guys, I learned SO much! For real. I left wanting every single thing they used on the model. First up, the have DRY sheet masks, weird right? I thought so too, but it wasn’t. There was a noticeable difference after it was removed and because they are dry and release products into your skin as the skin naturally warms, they can be used 3 times per mask. Next, they used the cult favorite, Magic Cream. This lotion is the entire reason Charlotte Tilbury became famous in the beauty world! After Magic Cream, they applied the prettiest primer called Wonder Glow, it’s so light and adds a natural filter to your skin. The FOUNDATIONS offer full coverage and tip they gave was to apply is layers. Not just one application, but 2-3 thin layers for even coverage. Another great tip was using POWDER. They say the most natural coverage is only apply your powder where you may need it: forehead, nose, chin. I am obsessed with with their newest CONTOUR cream! That with the HIGHLIGHTER is the best combo! I asked the makeup artist what three products are Charlotte MUST-HAVES and her immediate response: CONCEALER, MAGIC CREAM, MASCARA. There you have it, I’m a new fan of Charlotte Tilbury!

3. Today is my Goldie’s birthday! If you know Goldie you know she loves life! I’ve said from day one with her that she saved me during the hardest years. As I’m sitting here in Arizona during fall break, she’s asleep next to me as I type and I can hardly believe she’s 8 years old. I really love being a mom, good and bad days, it’s the best gig!

XXO lisa

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is the creepiest story. I’d be freaked out and probably would have cried so big props to you for handling it so well. I’m glad everything was just stuff and you’re safe. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. So creepy and why would anyone just put your wallet on top of your mailbox? There are some weird people out there! Kind of reminds me of the sheet mystery!

  3. I LOVE Charlotte Tilbury’s line too! My girlfriend that works at Nordstrom for her line got me hooked! And the magic cream, smells sooooo good!!! xo

  4. My car was broken into in my driveway a couple of weeks ago too. THE worst feeling ever. They bashed in my window and stole my makeup bag with every makeup product I own. Then my empty bag was found across town in my parents neighborhood. So creepy. Hope you get everything replaced soon.

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