Aug 18, 2019

3 things I bought, and don’t regret.

I try and make really good investments when it comes to splurge pieces. It can be really nerve racking to decide to buy a designer bag or purchase something for yourself with a high price tag. I work really hard and save up for bigger purchases. The best advice I can give you is set 10% of your income aside for those splurge moments. It might take you a couple months or a couple years but you can work towards it!

#1 Seeing an expensive doctor – I recently splurged on getting tear duct filler. I’ve been getting darker and darker under my eye area (prob from celiacs) and just normal aging. It was totally out of my comfort zone to pay the price this really sought after doctor in the city asked. When it comes to doing anything on my face or body I know it’s best to pay really amazing doctors instead of regretting the results. SO I did it! I went for it and saved up for a couple months. I didn’t feel rushed into the moment and processed how it would all happen for a few months. I watched the doctor on instagram and by the time I went to my appointment I was super confident. The results are very natural. D didn’t even notice! It was something I did for me.


#2 The bag you can’t live without – I bought a WHITE PRADA PURSE. This is kind of funny but I love white bags. I was super hesitant about buying an expensive bag in white but I guess the heart wants what it wants (LOL).  White can get dirty so fast and I thought I’d never use it because I’d be too afraid to ruin it. And let’s face it…money is emotional. All of us work super hard and want our money to be saved or used for things we really need and want.

A few things I consider before buying designer items:

-You can always buy pre-owned items. Is this an option for what I’m looking for?

-How trendy is this item? Will I use it in years to come and can I pass it down to my daughters?

-Know the return policy on the bag you want. After the initial purchase will you regret it and want to return it asap?

-Everyone has an opinion on the best designer bag out there. Listen to your heart. You won’t be happy with somebody else’s favorite bag.


#3 I love buying DUPES!! I don’t regret this decision at all! It saves me so much money when it comes to travel and being with the kids. I honestly lose things all the time. When I travel I like to keep my dupes close by because I know I will lose them or forget them somewhere.

Current dupes I love and have


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