Jan 4, 2018

New Year, Better SKIN!

New Year, New You! Or maybe same you, better skin! I’ve been talking all about my skincare goals for 2018. I’ve invested so much money into facials and trips to the spa, I finally decided to invest a little more for my at home skincare routine. I’ve been surprised that this Clarisonic handy little gadget actually achieves the same results as the spa facials I was getting (ps keep reading because I have an exclusive deal for you guys!).

Cleaning all the pollution, oils, make up, SWEAT… everything your face accumulates during the day is paramount in skin care. For years I thought I was doing a great job by just washing my face every night before bed! But rubbing a cleanser over my face with my hands can never gently, yet deeply clean and like the Clarisonic Mia 2 can. This tool cleans at least SIX TIMES better than washing with hands alone! And probably  WAY better than the haphazard way I was washing my face while half asleep each night!Why is it so hard to wash our faces each night? I’ve decided in order to do a better job with my skin care regimen, I don’t wait until right before bed to cleanse and apply my products. If I know I’m in for the night, I begin cleansing sometimes as early as right after dinner! Nothing better than slipping into my PJs before reading with the kids, and having a clean face early so I don’t have to procrastinate it later is the best.

With my increased intake of water and the addition of my Clarisonic, I’ve already noticed a skin transformation. My skin is clearer and definitely more radiant. Because my skin is cleaner, the products I apply at night are so much more effective! They have a chance to sink into my skin before my face is on my pillow all night now that I’m washing my face earlier as well. Win-Win!Now that I’m accustomed to using my Mia 2 every night, I’m adding in a second cleansing in the morning (or whenever I get around to taking a shower! Sometimes it can be as late as 1 PM). In the morning I always apply sunscreen before leaving the house to workout and run errands, so before hopping in the shower I make sure to do a deep cleanse then as well. I can really feel the difference. This is a resolution I think I can keep!

Because I love my Mia 2 device (and you guys!) so much, I partnered with Clarisonic and know you will love it too!

Hope you guys love it! Happy cleansing and Happy New Year!


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