Mar 9, 2016

Maxi Dress

IMG_8676Lisa and I in Brooklyn shooting for Covergirl on Monday.

We had so much fun with their crew. Can’t wait to share it with you guys! In the meantime I’ve been wearing this maxi dress (2 days in a row) and it’s seriously my favorite. It’s so comfortable and effortless. I love how it moves when I walk. The side slits go up to my knee so it looks really pretty when a little breeze catches it. It’s a really good one! So excited to finally wear dresses on the east coast. Lisa keeps laughing at all of us New Yorkers because all we talk about is the weather. We are going to have 75 degrees of sunshine today which is record breaking for us. I’m sorry but if you can endure 5 months of the polar vortex you better believe we will talk about the first week of sunshine. Can’t wait to walk outside today and see everyone walking to work in their swimsuits. Because you know that it going to happen! xx Jenna

IMG_8718maxi dress | leather sandals

IMG_8717maxi dress | leather sandals | black bag |

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  1. Giggling at the idea of people going to work in swimsuits. Can you please make this happen?

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