Weekend Deals

1. This FLORAL DRESS has been a favorite to wear, as shown HERE! Now on major sale and would make a great addition to this post!

2. I LOVE the hem on these jeans, now 50% off!

3. These SANDALS, now 40% off! Also loving THESE, now 50% off!

4. Jenna and I both love this KNIT CARDIGAN as shown HERE and HERE. Now on sale!

5. I have these ALO LEGGINGS in the cropped version. Full length now on sale!

6. This METALLIC BOMBER finally went on sale! Get.It. It’s $160 off the original price. First worn in THIS POST.

7. I loved wearing this STRIPE RUGBY SWEATER! Wearing a XS as shown HERE. Now on sale!

8. I loved wearing these BLACK JEANS before I got pregnant. Now price-matched!

9. These POPULAR platforms, now 20% off!

10. Either you love these PLATFORMS or you despise them. Either way, I found mine on sale at one shop for $400 off original price! You can see them worn in one my FAVORITE POSTS I’ve done.

XXO lisa


Eek! I totally forgot I had this outfit to post a few weeks back. Lucky for you, both top and bottoms are now on SALE! I actually think I put off posting this so I could space it from other posts wearing these Stella McCartney platforms. I was seriously stressing some Instagram followers out, big time. There are some way strong opinions about them, and that’s totally fine. I really love them! Also, how is everyone liking the new Instagram update? I think it’s great! I am the worst at snapchat, so now it’s all in one app. If you haven’t updated Instagram in the app store, check it out! Lisa-1813


XXO lisa