Spring Pastels

I picked up this dress last week and have worn in three times already! Once to the beach and twice out and about. So light and airy for California weather. Check out some other great pastels for spring below!




XXO lisa


Happy Thursday!  I’m glad I waited a couple of weeks to share these photos because my top just went on sale this morning! This FP dress can be worn as a top or dress and comes in 3 colors! I’m wearing a small here for reference. I’ll for sure wear this as a dress postpartum, it’s such good one for spring and summer! I also love this FP dress, newly marked down! RESIZED-Hat-3571


STRAW HAT | TUNIC(on sale and in 3 colors) | DENIM | PLATFORMS (Similar) | SUNGLASSES (similar and less expensive here)

If you’re a long time L&L reader than you’ve read a few of these before. I’ll try and add some I’ve never shared. Up until 2 years ago I could honestly say I had never seen an episode of Seinfeld. It’s Jeff’s favorite show, so I can no longer claim that one.

1. I went skydiving when Goldie was just 4 weeks old. For real..what was I thinking? Dumb question. I wasn’t thinking. In my defense I was going through a divorce and never opted to cope with alcohol or drugs, so I guess jumping out of a plane in the Arizona desert was my thing;) Best part, because I was 4 weeks postpartum and falling from the sky, I still thought it was a good idea to buy the souvenir disk of images. My whole face was flapping in the wind..ha!

2. I lived in Germany as a child. I’m the youngest in my family and didn’t attend school in Germany like all my siblings did. I think that would have been really cool. We moved back to the states and settled in Arizona when I was 6.

3. I’ve never done a cartwheel.

4. I auditioned for a reality show..last year. Our manager emailed and said a show on Bravo was looking to cast a mom like me in California. I said no way. She asked me to go meet with the producer and at least hear what it was all about. The producer said “How are you so normal? The last lady did her audition in a head stand and the one before that needs to be medicated”. Haha! It was quite the experience.

5. I’ve created two successful businesses before blogging. The first was back in 2000 when I opened my own esthetic office. My dad is a dermatologist, so I was able to rent a small space in the same building where he practiced medicine. It was perfect. I was able to work under his license and offer a more medical approach to skin care. I even had (still have) the very first micro-derm machine sold in the states. I sold my office after I had my middle daughter, Poppy.

The other business was my garage bootcamp. Still, my favorite job! Within 6 months of starting through word of mouth, I had a total of 40 woman train with me each week. It was so fun. I taught 4 classes a day, 3x a week. All out of my garage. I formed some really great friendships with these women. I closed up The Garage a month before I moved to California.

6. The smell of pancake syrup makes me dry heave. If my kids want to eat it, I make them put their hair in a pony first. The idea of it getting in their hair and then having to smell that smell throughout the day is so gross.

7. I’m a worrier. Like major. It’s gotten better the older I get. When I was in the 5th grade it was so bad I developed an ulcer. I get this from my dad.

8. I’m a terrible bike rider. Like crash into a pole and flip over my handle bars trying to ride through sand type of terrible.

9. I once ate a DOZEN Sprinkles Cupcakes in less than 20 mins. No, it wasn’t a bet. I was driving home from Scottsdale with my best friend, Rachael and started on one and ended up eating all 12. I had my head out the window immediately after, it was so incredibly painful. To this day cupcakes make my stomach ache a little when I see them.

10.The week before I met Jeff I was at a Gorjana event celebrating her 10th anniversary in business. She had a palm reader there and I had my palm/aura read for the first time, ever. This lady knew nothing about me, not even my name. I had all three of my kids standing next to me and she told me to stop dating within my circle. That the love of my life lived out of town, he was smart and artistic and I needed to be open to meeting him very soon. Isn’t that bizarre? I had all my kids with me, so most would assume I’m already married and she immediately told me to stop dating in my current circle. Still, I thought nothing of this. I didn’t know who Jeff was, but 5 days later I get a text from Jeff, who was living up in the Bay Area and I soon discovered is the most creative/artistic man I know.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I’m happy to do a Q&A in the future.

XXO lisa