Friday 5


1.This is the cutest NEWSBOY CAP. Wearing it all the time!

2.Cutest TEDDY BEAR COAT I’ve seen. In love with it. Can’t wait for the cold to hit NY again. It’s been so warm.

3.These MAYBERRY SLIPPERS are to die for!!! I just got mine and I’m wearing them right now.

4.Prettiest LACE TOP.

5.I can’t get enough of these CHENILLE SWEATERS. The arms on this are extra good.


1.I love the 70’s vibe this SWEATER gives. The colors are so good for fall!

2.These LEGGINGS are on sale! The details down the leg are subtle, yet fun. Now $74!

3.I think these BOOTIES go perfectly with the sweater from #1. Block heels are comfortable and easy to walk in!

4.How have I never seen this style of GIVENCHY SUNGLASSES before. Already on sale, which makes me love them even more!

5. I swear this SWEATER was full price last week! I love the color and where it hits at the hip.

Hi everyone! I’m in Arizona right now with the kids. We drove out on Saturday morning. Ozzy has been a dream! I’ve honestly heard her cry twice in the past 3 days. She is the sweetest baby. So far I went to the Ed Sheeran concert with my best friend Rachael, celebrated my mother in law and my moms birthdays, checked out the new Swig, had some work done from my dentist @drbrianharris and went to dinner with girlfriends. This morning my dad and I are playing tennis before I stop by Spearmint baby on my way back to California. It’s been a really good trip!  I usually dread coming to Arizona, especially in the summer and this time I’m not ready to leave. If Ozzy didn’t have her 4 month check up and I wasn’t scheduled for micro-needling I’d stay a couple more days.

This outfit has been one of my favorite to wear! You know I love concert tees shown recently with Led Zeppelin and QueenPink Floyd is a favorite in our house! The tee is on sale and comes in two colors. Orange says Pink Floyd on the back and the white is Janis Joplin. I threw it on over a summer dress, added sneakers and I’m set for day or night. RESIZED-OrangeJacket-9350


TEE (sale, wearing a small) | DRESS(sale, wearing a 2) | GLASSES | SNEAKERS 

xxo lisa