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Hey everyone! I love that I’m getting more and more questions from you. Thanks for reading and for being here. I’m blown away by the response of the updated content and the new direction of L&L. Thank you for noticing, I’m working hard over hereeeeee!!! As always, please DM me requests or any styling/skincare questions. I’m happy to help. Muaaaaaah! I’m going to stick with 8-10 per week. If I don’t answer then DM tonight if you want an answer.


1.I recently splurged on a pair of black Stuart Weitzman’s OTK boots, and now I’m looking for dresses that go with the boots. It seems lika all my dresses and skirts are just above the knee and 2″ too long for the boots. Do you have any dresses you’d recommend that would look great with the boots?

Right now I’m wearing a bunch of dresses with my over the knee boots. I’m wearing these THICK TIGHTS with them because it’s so cold. These are my favorite dresses right now.


2.Do any of your followers know a quick way to get fake succulents and rock out of a pot/terranium by chance? I want to keep the container not the fake plant inside. 

Let me ask them! Check back on insta -stories tonight!

3.I need your best opinion on changing the texture of my skin. (this was a long DM, so I’m just answering this)

I recommend the VAMPIRE FACIAL using your own plasma with the microneedling tool. This is the best treatment I’ve ever done, and I’ve done almost everything out there. Read more about it here.

4.What’s the best NEST Candle scent?

I love HEARTH!

5.Where are these FAB SLIPPERS from? They are on this post but you didn’t link them, how come?

They are sold out but I found similar HERE  | HERE

6.Why didn’t you adopt a puppy? You should have set a better example and adopted a poor puppy in need. Would you ever consider getting another one and sharing your adoption story with all of us. People need to be educated on this matter.

I understand your concern, I really do. I’ve thought about doing this many times. If we find a good fit for our family I’m open to it. All puppies need a home and I feel feel really good about giving mine a good home with lots of love.

7.Did you post the CAR magnetic phone thing on the blog? I can’t seem to find it.

Yes! It’s also the best thing since sliced bread. It’s changed my carpooling life. haha Such a great PHONE MOUNT FOR CARS. It’s from the FAVORITE THINGS POST

8.Are you surviving the CYCLONE BOMB? What coat are you wearing? 

Yes we are! Although I haven’t left the house in 4 days! I’m going out tomorrow to take pictures and I’m not happy about it. It’s 5 degrees today. Way too cold for this Arizona girl. Currently loving THIS COAT. Similar 40% off – THIS COAT

NAVY COAT (sold out) SIMILAR add a fur stole| BEST JEANS (size one size up)  | BOOTIES

9.Can you link to those EYE GEL PATCHES one more time? I know I keep asking.

Yep! Of course. I actually did a BEAUTY POST this morning with all the favorites of 2017.

10.My BANANA MINI MUFFINS overcooked. Do you recommend anything? A certain pan perhaps? Also do you really make them every single week? Do you have time for that?

Okay yes I make them every week. I like that my kids have these homemade snacks. I make half with chocolate chips and half without. I like that they are getting banana! Such great potassium. They don’t take very long to make. Try cooking them for 8 minutes instead of 10. Also make sure you fill the entire mini muffin all the way to top. Here is the BANANA MINI MUFFIN RECIPE/ Mini Muffin Pans $9!

Best Banana Bread Mini Muffins

Skin Care Must Haves + Vampire Facial

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  1. Mackenzie says:

    Can you link to the thick tights? I don’t think you attached a link…this cold north-easterner needs all the warmth she can get! Thanks for the post 🙂

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