My Skin Care Routine #onebottleawayfrom

Hey guys! I want to fill you in on my latest skincare regimen.  As you know, I’m always looking for the best products to help my skin look hydrated and bright. Anything that will help with anti-aging, smoothness, wrinkle resistance, and texture is a winner in my book. I’ve been putting a lot of extra TLC into my skin lately because Fashion Week is right around the corner (already less than 2 months away)!! I want to feel as confident as I can with my skin, especially right after the hot summer months. Did you guys know there is such a thing as “MIRACLE WATER“? I was introduced to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in April around my birthday. My sister knowing what a skincare junkie I am, sent me this amazing miracle water in a bottle. All her girlfriends were raving about how bright and hydrated their skin looked. I decided to give it a try and I embraked on the #onebottleawayfrom journey to see if my skin responded well to it. I was hooked after my first bottle. My skin drinks this miracle water right up!

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence was discovered in Japan nearly 40 years ago and has changed faces one bottle at a time. With SK-II you are honestly one bottle away from smooth, hydrated, and dewy skin. This best seller is known for a special ingredient exclusive to its formula. It’s more than 90% pure Pitera™. Pitera™ is a clear liquid full of amino acids,minerals and organic aids. This ingredient promotes skins’ natural surface rejuvenation process and balances the moisture barrier for overall hydration and younger looking skin. I am so impressed with all the benefits this miracle water provides. The main focus is to have radiant skin and this product makes it achievable. I’ve been really dehydrated and dry the last 6 months. Many of you know that I found out I’m allergic to gluten and have celiac disease. My body hasn’t been able to work at 100% for so long. I haven’t been absorbing the right amounts of many nutrients and vitamins. My skin started showing signs of what was happening inside my body. I was so dry, my skin looked dull, and I started getting melasma. Because of this, I was hopeful that this product would leave my skin looking dewy, radiant, and hydrated. It did! It’s amazing how quickly my skin responded to SK-II. One huge bonus is my make-up looks better because my skin does. I don’t have to wear as much foundation to cover-up dark bags or conceal flakes. My skin is back to looking fresh and dewy! I can’t thank SK-II enough and the #onebottleawayfrom journey I’ve been on.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence provides the following benefits:

Texture Refinement – Your skin will soften and it will refine your pores for smoother skin. You’ll be so impressed with the soft texture of your skin.

Firmness Power – As we age this is so important to address. SK-II will improve the elasticity in your skin and help keep your skin tight and firm. All of us want this, correct?!

Wrinkle Resistance Give me all the products that increase resilience to wrinkles. SK-II has this mastered. The key is to use this miracle water every single day. 

Even Skin Tone – I’m such a perfectionist with y own skin. If I have uneven skin it bothers me. This helps controls the development of dark spots and improves uneven skin tone

Radiance Enhancement – Like I said above, this product will make your skin glow. You will get the radiant youthful-looking skin you have always wanted.

SK-II is really easy to use and even easy to travel with. I use it daily– morning and night after I cleanse my skin. You basically pat the miracle water all over your face and neck and let all the goodness soak in. It leaves your skin incredibly hydrated while making you glow.

Step 1 – splash one to two teaspoons of this miracle water in the palm of your hand or on a cotton ball

Step 2- tap gently and evenly into face to enhance absorption

Step 3 – also tap gently into neck to complete the treatment

I’m so happy that I found this amazing product! I know you guys will love it just as much as I do. It will change your skin and help you reach your skincare goals. You can order all the SK-II products here. You’ll want to get your hands on ll of them! Now I’ll be ready for Fashion Week in September and can help my skin beat the heat and damage from the summer sun. Embark on the #onebottleawayfrom challenge with me and grab a bottle of miracle water here. You won’t be disappointed.


I partnered with  SK-II on this post but all thoughts and opinions are my

Sponsored by SK-II

3 responses to “My Skin Care Routine #onebottleawayfrom”

  1. Madison Inglish says:

    You have amazing skin!! How do you feel about this product for acne prone skin??

    • jenna says:

      I wish I knew how it worked on acne skin. I’ll email the company and get their advice for you. I’d hate for you to use it and then break out! XX jenna

  2. Steffanie Clark says:

    Do you still use skin ceuticals serum? Would you apply that before the SK-ll Facial Treatment Essence? Also, what cleanser do you use?

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