Shades of Green

Shades of green seem so appropriate for April. Now that it is spring and everything is in full bloom. We just got back from Spring Break. It was so nice to be in Arizona with family and friends last week for spring break. We had the best time. When we got back to New York, the first thing we did was visit the New York Botanical Gardens. The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom this week. We spent over three hours walking the hills and sitting under the trees. It was the perfect weekend with my little family. If you head to the gardens this week, take a picnic lunch and a small project for your kids to do under the trees. We made flower crowns while we rested from all the walking.

When my kids ask me what my favorite color is, I say all the shades of green (but mostly emerald green and turquoise). I found so many beautiful pieces over the weekend that are green. It’s such a fun trend this spring/summer to wear.

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green ruffle top , similar and green tunic without ruffles (love this one)| jeans | lace-up sandals | sunglasses | gucci handbag

Top TEN Green Pieces

Zella High-waisted Leggings  wore them in this WORKOUT POST 5 ways to keep your health on track

this Emerald Green Ruffle Top, I have it in black,blush and pre-ordered the green. It’s inexpensive and so gorgeous!! (green lake)

these Mint Green Adidas Sneakers are so adorable. I love them.

this Turqouise Statement Necklace is ridiculous! It’s under $60 which is a steal. Wear it with a white tee and jeans. So cute!

the prettiest Lace Dress  by one of my favorite designers. I wore her pieces during fashion week. I wrote about it during my favorite moments in 2016

you guys get this One-Piece Swimsuit!! It’s so pretty and even better on.

I just ordered this Cactus I-Phone case. It’s adorable and reminds me of home. (ARIZONA)

this Olive Green Dress is a best seller. It’s a staple in my closest.

Holy Moly….these Gucci Flats in Emerald Green are something else!!

I love this Spring Dress with blush and greens. It’s gorgeous.

Have a great day!!

On another note….I need to do a major detox. I ate so much junk while on vacation. I mean, how many sugar cookies can on e person eat?! I think I ate over 10 while in Arizona. I’m going to eat these Trader Joes Salads all week and drink a ton of water with lemon so I feel normal again. No more sugar!!


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