I’m pretty much an open book. Most questions I will answer. Here are my most recent asked questions via email and DM’s on instagram.

1.What would you choose? The GLO PRO or PMD wand for at home use?

Definitely the Glo Pro.(20% off) I have seen results with this. It really works and will stimulate collagen. I’ve been using it every other night and now can use it every night. I put on this HYPERVITAMIN CREAM after I use the Glo Pro.Also theseBRIGHT EYES I can’t live without. Read WINTER SKIN SURVIVAL GUIDE benefits of GLO PRO here and WHAT IS THE GLO PRO

2.What is your diet?

I stay away from gluten and most sugar. I try 80% of the time to not have treats. Sundays are my cheat days.

3.What does Celiac Disease do to you if you eat gluten?

ughhh I get sick! headaches, and it will come out, one end or the other. #gross I get a really puffy face. Like a balloon. I wake up and can instantly feel it. I also get stomach aches for days.

4.Why do I still show food on instagram that has gluten?

My family still eats gluten. I’m the only one that does not.

5.What are your go-to lip colors?

I wear this NUDE LIPSTICK and this LIPGLOSS (fashion scoop) perfect nude pink! I also love this LIP OIL that hydrates. The wand is my favorite part. Your lips will instantly feel hydrated and plump.

6.What are the eye gel patches you love and did a tutorial on the other day?

They are called BRIGHT EYES. I’m obsessed! I put them on in the mornings when I’ve had a long night or right before I go out with friends. They help your under eyes look bright and refreshed. I love giving these to friends as gifts.

7. The jeans you posted over Thanksgiving look like the perfect length. Can I ask what brand they are?

I love wearing A GOLD E jeans. The fit is amazing. I’m 5’3 and I order the cropped pair. They are the perfect length to wear with booties.

8.Where is the grey purse you wear in your dressing room pictures from?


9.My question is how to find a reputable botox doctor that won’t make me look frozen with botox. I connected with a old friend and she looked awful. I could tell she had stuff done.

I found my doctor by researching top doctors in the area. Start out with a tiny amount and see how your face responds to it. You can always do more. Communication is key. Also take pictures of results you like.

10.Where are your beanies from?

Most of my beanies this year are these FREE PEOPLE. So many color options.

11.Why do you take your daughter one hour on the train for a ballet class when she’s only 6?

She auditioned for the New York City Ballet and made it! I feel like it’s a great chance for her to do something she loves. If you ask most skilled professionals in the arts when they started, most are young ages (4-6yrs.) I’m willing to put the extra effort in to have her do this if she loves it.

12.Where did you get the vase on the right cement with gold triangles? 


13.I’m coming to NYC for one week. I only have budget for one broadway show. What do you recommend?

If you can get a ticket to see Hamilton I would definitely see it.

14.What does your husband do in NYC? 

My husband (Dennis aka big D) works in Times Square. He’s in finance. He commutes every single day from the town we live in. Takes about 50 minutes. We decided not to raise the kids in the city after living there for 3 years. However, we end up in the city several times a week because we LOVE it! Our 6 year old dances there twice a week and I go into the city for work while the kids are at school. I feel like we get the best of both worlds.

15.Can you please send the list of Kid Apps people recommended.

Stack the States,Raz kids,Duolingo,Storyline Online,Homer App,Circle Round Podcast,ABC MOUSE, Starfall

16.If I have $100 to spend on new clothes, where should I spend it?

Honestly I have seen so many great things at LOFT! You can get everything 50% off right now. I linked a bunch of finds HERE if you are interested. Also Old Navy has a ton of great finds right now and is 50% off everything!

17.What is your workout routine? 

I’ve been so hit or miss lately. I try to do 4 times a week. I’ve been doing the mega former machine and switch it up with orange theory or soul cycle.

18.What is your favorite purchase lately?

BOOTIES in wine 

UNDER $100– the leopard bear coat, red dress!

19.Do you recommend a SLEEP MASK?

yes! I was told to try this DRINK IT UP SLEEP MASK. It’s incredible. Sleep in it and then wash it off when you wake up. You’ll see a huge difference in your skin. Think dewy and extra hydrated.



17 responses to “Q&A SUNDAY”

  1. Brittany says:

    Thanks for your input on the Glo Pro! I can see a difference in my skin after switching to better skin care products so this will be the perfect addition to my routine!

  2. Katrina says:

    Mommy of 4 needs that glopro!!! Merry christmas!

  3. Tara Rubalcava says:

    Looks awesome!

  4. Kara Butz says:

    Thanks for your great lists and ideas! I’m really interested in the micro needling tool!! Thanks for the story on how you use it!

  5. Jerica says:

    I am obsessed with eye masks! Any recommendations for a good exfoliant? Excited to possibly try out the glopro!

  6. Megan Steck says:

    I’m excited to try the face mask!

  7. Lindsay says:

    Love your blog and how open and honest you are!!

  8. Heather says:

    Love this Q&A!

  9. Britney says:

    Quick question, it looks like Lisa is not part of the blog? I tried looking back to see if I missed something but couldn’t find a post or anything about it? Sorry if you’ve already answered a similar question and I’m just not looking in the right places!

  10. Shai Brown says:

    Want to try the GloPro!

  11. Jen says:

    Is the Glo pro and cream you use after okay to use while pregnant? I always want to try new products but am unsure of what is safe during pregnancy!

  12. Ashley Kreitzer says:

    Thank you so much for doing a tutorial on the Glo Pro! I have seen this everywhere, and was sceptical to try it! After your video I am wanting to finally give it a try!! Also need to try the bright eyes to help with dark undereyes!!

  13. MaCall says:

    I love your Q&As! The gloPro sounds amazing!!! … what’s your favorite moisturizer and serum?!

  14. Lacy says:

    You two look better than ever! I love following your blog and think it’s amazing what you have accomplished! Congrats!!! Now I need to try me the GloPro

  15. Honore whiting says:

    Your blog is so helpful and it’s so nice to know what you do to keep your skin healthy! Thanks for all the tips!

  16. Honore whiting says:

    Your blog is so amazing and it’s so nice to know what you do to keep your skin healthy! Thanks for all the tips!

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