Nail Hacks

I love good nails! Without the help from my favorite products and salon I would have brittle nails. My skin used to crack and bleed when I would peel it or bite it. I used to bite my nails all the time. Nerves, being anxious, butterflies in my stomach, mad, bored… name it, I bit my nails for all the reasons.

I use at home products for my nails to keep them strong. I also use products at home to keep my cuticles healthy and hydrated as well. If I take good care of my nails then I won’t bite them!

In the salon I’ve been doing UV Gel Polish. This has been life changing. I also found Gel Polish you can use at home. I love the light baby pink color right now.

How to keep healthy nails and hands

1.Use DISH GLOVES – keep bacteria and harmful chemicals off your hands.

2.Prevent dryness and cracking around nails and hands by using my favorite OIL and HAND & NAIL CREAM by Tula (contains probiotics!)

3.Don’t scrape off your own nail polish! Use a remover or leave it for the professionals. When you scrape off your own polish, you are actually harming your own nails and breaking them down. I found a couple easy ways to remove polish or gel polish. This SOAK OFF KIT is amaze. It was written up on good morning america last week.

4.Cuticles need attention! Use this APRICOT CUTICLE OIL. Voted number #1 in Allure this month.

5.Always use a TOP COAT! This is definitely meant to protect your nails and keep them strong.

6.Nail trends right now are so fun to follow. Don’t be afraid to try them. Think textures, design and fun colors.

7.Nails need products just like our hair and skin. This Daily KERATIN Polish will take less than 30 seconds to apply each day to your nail and skin around it. It will provide the vitamins and minerals to keep them strong and healthy.

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