Happy Mother’s Day to all of you! I decided to take the day off yesterday and enjoy my family without worrying about my phone or blog. I hope all of you had a lovely day!

Here is the Q&A from last week. One day late but still just as good. Thanks for reading and I always love hearing from you! Have the best week. XX

1.What are the FACIAL TOOLS/ROLLERS you use? Does this really help tighten?

I use this ICE ROLLER. This was in the video I shared last week when I went to get a facial. She told me cooling off your skin twice a day is great during the summer months for melasma and inflammation. It’s great for swelling or blemishes.I keep it in the freezer and grab it when I wake up or have a minute to roll! Cooling off your skin is great for acneic skin or skin that is sensitive to melasma.

The SECOND ROLLER I use religiously. Every single night while I’m taking a bath or washing my face. I roll for 3-5 minutes. I apply this FACIAL SERUM and then use this ROLL METHOD. It’s crazy to see the results. It tightens, lifts and creates more of a heart shape jaw as you roll. I can’t express how great this is. I got even more into this after visiting Japan and watching how these women take care of their skin. They use the REFA. They invest in their skin! Ps the REFA will last a lifetime. Goes in water/bath and doesn’t need to be charged or use batteries. Its amazing!!I also just discovered this BEST SELLERS FROM ASIA SHOP and I’m slowly trying everything. I’m hooked.

The THIRD ROLLER is what I used to roll out my face before I found the REFA. The jade roller is good but not as powerful as the refa. It’s a great starting point if you want to try this first. Make sure you have a great SERUM to roll with. Makes a huge difference.

2.DO you also have the GLO PRO TOOL? Does it make a significant difference for Melasma?

Yes! I love GLO PRO. I met the owner last year and learned so much about this device. I use it after I roll my face with the REFA. I also started using my glo pro on my knees. Anywhere that skin can lose elasticity I’m micro neeedling! Did you see the LIP MICRONEEDLING NEW TOOL?

3.PHONE CASE info please! Love it!


4.What brand of ICE ROLLER are you using? Where can I buy one?

this ICE ROLLER. Super inexpensive and it feels so good!

5.What BATH CADDY do you have? I’m in need!

this BATH CADDY has been fab and it’s not expensive.

6.What’s your opinion of the MICRO NEEDLE ROLLER? I’ve seen mixed reviews and I’m kinda nervous to try it. I have some scarring on my face and I’m starting to see wrinkles and fine lines. Just turned 36 and I’ve been self conscious of my skin in my life. 

This is a great tool to use at home but you have to get medical grade treatments at the same time to improve scarring. This is a great tool to use to keep your skin on the right track and to extend the results you get with medical facials or treatments. It’s like the skin care you use at home. You need to use facial products every night to keep up the results you get from treatments. I highly recommend the glo pro tool. It works your skin on a daily basis.

7.What SKIN TREATMENTS do you recommend for best results for anti-aging?

PRP FACIAL & COSMELAN PEEL are  by far the BEST!!!

8.I have a couple WEDDINGS to attend this Summer. What are your favorite dresses? I don’t want to be too formal but I want to look nice!

I love a MAXI DRESS for weddings. How pretty is THIS DRESS!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE this STRIPED SKIRT & TOP COMBO. Less formal and still really cute!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE this STRIPED SKIRT & TOP COMBO. Less formal and still really cute! WHITE SANDALS 

9.What are your SUNGLASSES you wear in all your INSTAGRAM VIDEOS? I’m obsessed!


10.Where can I get the ALIGN LEGGINGS you have on? I want to try them too! 

ALIGN LEGGINGS – I have the size 2 for reference. Don’t size up.

11.What is your favorite place to shop? 


12.Can you tell me your normal schedule? I’m struggling trying to be a mom and have a full time job. I don’t know how people do this! Help!

I know! I feel you on this. It’s never easy and honestly you can only do so many things in one day. I won’t ever be PTA president or the classroom mom in this phase of my life. I’ve had to come to terms with that. I work full time and give every other time to my family. I say “NO” to a lot of things. I don’t do as much socially as I used to. I include work with a lot of friend time. The friends I get to see or have are also part of my business. Multi tasking is key. I plan to see friends during workouts or while kids are at similar activities. I can’t even handle a big church calling right now. I just have to realize all of us have seasons for helping. Right now I’m working harder than ever and taking care of my number one priority and that’s my family. And that is OKAY! Don’t be hard on yourself and start saying no to all the extra stuff if you are struggling with time management. My kids are at school during the day. I get a bunch of my work done during these hours. From 3-9pm at night I’m with the kids driving them to activities and lessons. Weekends are pretty hectic with lacrosse season and soccer right now. We have it on saturday and sunday. It’s never ending! But I will say, I’ve never felt more proud of my kids and the little people they are turning into. I always tell myself that I’ll sleep and relax when I retire. haha

13.Do you think COLLAGEN POWDER really works and gives all the benefits it claims?

I honestly think it does. It helps with so many factors. I wrote this COLLAGEN POST if you want more details. I use this  COLLAGEN POWDER.

14.Looking for PLUS SIZE LEGGINGS. Do you recommend any or do you work with plus size as a personal shopper? I’d love some help with my wardrobe.

Yes! I’m always here to help any size! These LEGGINGS seem to be amazing on all sizes. Check them out!

15.I’m going to TAYLOR SWIFT in concert. What would you wear?

It’s a summer concert so thinking I’d wear THIS OUTFIT (similar). Or  SUMMER DRESS with a LEATHER JACKET. Or a JUMPSUIT. I love it in white or red. Or BLACK DENIM / JEANS and THIS TOP.

16.Can you say what the SUNSCREEN was that everyone voted was the absolute best? I really want it this summer.

It’s called ELTA MD clear. I bought it last week after everyone telling me it’s the best. Then when I went to get a facial, the med spa carried it. I knew it was meant to be. haha This is the SUNCREEN POST that shares the TOP 20 votes by all of you.

17.Can you post more about struggles you have? It’s really refreshing when you post about real life situations.

YUP! I definitely can try. Just remember my job is to be a personal shopper of sorts. I keep most of my life off the blog so it’s tricky to know what to let in or leave out.

18. One piece you recommend for the nest 4-5 months? 

This GREY SUEDE MOTO JACKET. I love this jacket for spring and summer. Wear it over and with everything!! On the east coast we dip into the 50’s still during summer nights. This is something I wear all the time.


19. What are you buying this summer for the beach and pool? What are your favorite swimsuits. I also need one-piece for days when I feel bloated.




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