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This TOP is re-stocked! Grab it before it sells out. POSTED ABOUT IT HERE

Can’t stop wearing this WHITE LACE TOP!!

1.I wore this BLACK JUMPSUIT today. It’s adorable and so comfy!! I also bought this white top to go underneath.

2.Guys! Get this CHECK PULLOVER asap. It stopped me in my tracks.

3.Want to get a glow this Fall? Use this PRODUCT and you’ll see a huge difference in your skin. I use this CLEANSER before I put it on.

4.Once you have a glow set your face with this FILTER FINISH POWDER.

5.I recently read 7 things that are completely satisfying. I think for me coming home to a house I cleaned earlier wins! Or hearing the dishwasher going after family dinner. Or peeling my skin after a chemical peel! (HA!) What is yours?


7.Have you heard the new trend for hair? Now professionals are saying to use Conditioner before Shampoo. Wait what?! So I tried it and it actually makes my hair softer. It’s under $8! PRE-WASH Conditioner

8.K one of my favorite trends for fall are curtain bangs! Change up your summer look and cut bangs. Keep them just long enough so you have some flexibility. You can have them straight down or separate them like curtains to create versatile looks. I CUT BANGS HERE.

9.Make sure and check the big FRIENDS & FAMILY EVENT and get 20% off.

10.The FALL COAT LINEUP is unreal! If you need coats get them here. And the BEST FALL SWEATERS under $50 HERE

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