Guys! It’s almost summer break! (And for those of you already having summer weather and no school, those of us on the east don’t wanna hear about it, we have 4 weeks left! boo.) One thing that stresses me out the most is staying in shape while traveling. I put so much time and effort into eating right and working out. When I leave town for more than a week I can really mess things up! How do you enjoy your vacation without fully backsliding and losing all the progress you’ve made on your body? I’ve got some good tips to get you through…

1.Assuming you have children, this first tip works well on several levels. Try to find a place to stay with at least a small kitchen, where you can plan to “eat in” 1-2 meals per day. Bring a MAGIC BULLET (on sale $39!) so you can make easy SMOOTHIES in the morning packed with protein and good nutrients. JAZZ UP YOUR SMOOTHIES” is full of tips on how to create better smoothies for you and your family. Helps maintain weight and helps with weightloss. If I start my morning off right, then my day will go much better. Restaurant food is laden with fat, calories, and gigantic portions. If you can hit a grocery store on the first day of your trip and cut up veggies and fruit, bars, almond butter, rice cakes, and other easy to eat healthy foods, one meal out per day won’t destroy you. Plus with kids, who really wants to do three meals in a restaurant anyway??? And think of all the money you’ll save! More to spend on souvenirs…

I end up spending my money on smoothie joints! Just check the sugar content and make sure they are not mixing your smoothie with juice!


rag and bone tee | jeans | white purse| gloria hat (most worn hat!)

2.Bring your fave protein bars!! (Just don’t eat them all on the first day). I always have my favorite bars on hand to help me in a pinch. If we’re at the beach and everyone is getting ice cream, and I’m hungry, I’ll reach in my bag and pull out a bar. That way I don’t feel starving or deprived and can get by with just a bite or two from my kids’ treats. Pack your favorite protein powder too. Mixing it into a water bottle couldn’t be easier and will help you stay on track (and away from the chips and salsa). Currently loving this plant-based protein powder.

3.Don’t waste your calories on beverages! Drink lots of water and try to limit yourself to one treat drink per day. Adding lemon or lime to water or seltzer can feel special and doesn’t add up calories like a frozen margarita might. I try and do a protein packed smoothie for one of my meals to get my sweet tooth fix. It helps me stay full.

4.When you do finally set foot in that restaurant, ask for a to-go box right when your food is served. Take half of it and put it away and for tomorrow’s lunch. If it’s all in front of you chances are you’ll eat more than you really want (or need).

5.All of us have days when we know we are going to eat junk food and nobody can stop us! When I have these days I set a calorie limit for the day. Instead of having 10 doughnuts I’ll have one or two. Then whatever calories I have left I’ll grab that burger and fry (maybe half the burger) and ice cream for a treat. I find that if I do this once during my trip  it’s not that big of a deal. I still stay within my calories for the day. I just might wake up feeling sick because of the unhealthy food. Which I hate that feeling!

6.Pack really great sneakers! If you have good shoes to walk around in & exercise in, you’ll stay active! I’m loving this ADIDAS BLUSH & WHITE SNEAKER. Affordable and under $80. Even if I can’t get to a workout on my trip, I still set goals for the day. Walk 10,000 steps or spend 45 minutes being active with my kids. There are so many ways to stay healthy on trips. We spent most our time in Tokyo walking. I clocked 20,000 steps most days. Decide to be active and you will!

RELAX! Enjoy the trip  and commit to resetting when you get back. It’s not the end of the world and there’s not too much damage you can do in a week or two. Also try to move more than you eat each day! Which takes us to my next set of tips… fitness on vacation. I’ll post my traveling fitness tips next week. Stay tuned…



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