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High end designer pieces are ALWAYS fun to buy! Saving up for a great pair of Chanel’s or a new YSL handbag is something I get real excited about! When it comes to high end fashion TRENDS I have a hard time justifying the money. I know I will see several dupes online within 2-3 month’s after the start of each trend.

One of the biggest trends right now are PATCHES! They are everywhere! Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana have made this trend bigger than ever. One of my favorite ways to wear this trend are on sneakers, so the kids and I got creative and made our own. I scoured the internet looking for patches and every single one came from a different source all over the world. I found a few I can link to HERE | HERE| HERE  and HERE.

We’re a Vans family and have all owned the checkerboard slip-ons  at some point over the past 12 years. They are a family favorite. This is was SO easy! Here’s how:

Start with a canvas pair of shoes. Any brand is fine. Pick where you want your patches to go and apply this adhesive to the center of the patch. Next take a toothpick and spread the glue out evenly on the patch. You don’t want too much around the edges or it will seep out and create a mess. Apply your patches. Let sit for about 20 mins. Next, wrap this tape around the shoes to keep the patches in place. This was Jeff’s idea, and it was brilliant! Let sit for 24-48 hours and slowly remove your tape. That’s it! So easy! The kids LOVED this project, and…so did I. Don’t want to make your own? Here are a few patched sneaks that won’t break the bank: HERE | HERE | HERE Lisa Allen and kids create a DIY design of their shoes with Vans by using patches

Lisa Allen and kids create a DIY design of their shoes with Vans by using patches

Lisa Allen and kids create a DIY design of their shoes with Vans by using patches


CHLOE: Last year Jenna and I both bought our CHLOE PLATFORM SANDALS (newest version linked). Within months THIS DUPE came out for a 5th of the price! I ended up buying them in black as shown HERE.

GUCCI: I first showed you the DUPE for these FUR GUCCI MULES on my Friday 5.  Another Gucci DUPE right here compared to the ORIGINAL. Also the ORIGINAL and this DUPE. I wore the original in red, HERE!

AQUAZZURA: Easily the most famous designer dupe of 2016. The ORIGINAL, and the famous DUPEI wore this dupe in THIS POST!

MIU MIU: These bold ballet flats came on scene a few month’s back with this ORIGINAL. Check out this DUPE, only $38!

GIVENCHY: This ORIGINAL has been so popular! Check out this DUPE though..pretty much spot on!

 XXO lisa

3 responses to “Designer Dupes | SHOES”

  1. Brandi says:

    Where’d you get the Chanel patches??

    • lisa says:

      Hi brandi. If you google them, you should find several online sources all over the world. Like I said every patch came from a diff online source over a period of time. I wish I had a direct site to send you to. Have fun creating something with patches.
      XXO lisa

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