BEST SWIM of 2018


This swimsuit came back this year! It was my favorite last summer. The suit fits true to size. If anything a little big so don’t size up! I mix and match with these pieces so I feel like it’s a lot of bang for your buck. So sometimes I will wear this WHITE TOP with COLORFUL BOTTOMS. Or  I’ll wear all white (like above).  High waisted bikini bottoms are trending right now and ruffly one – piece suits are selling out. Gingham is also having a moment. I love the black and white gingham suit I linked below. 


1.SMOCKED ONE PIECE (i can’t wait to go somewhere warm to wear this, it’s sitting in my pile)

2.trending on instagram and will sell out – WHITE BOTTOMS & TOP  a couple of my fav bloggers had this on over the weekend.


4.HIGHWAISTED BOTTOMS | ONE SHOULDER TOP  (can’t beat this price) It’s a dupe to a really expensive swim line that is triple the price.

5.$29 GINGHAM SET! SO Cute!

6.these HIGHWAISTED BOTTOMS to mix and match with

7.this ONE PIECE is on it’s way to me! I love the colors and one shoulder.

8. and everyone needs a KILLER RASHGUARD! How amaze in black and white stripes.

Okay now that it’s end of February and winter is almost behind me, I’m hitting the gym hard. I have the strongest belief of the megaformer machine. You will get muscles you never knew you had! I’ll be doing this again 3 times a week. Remember, summer abs are made in the winter. I actually hate that saying because all I want to do in the winter is eat. Why is it so hard! 🙂

My goal this year isn’t to be on some kind of diet or label my eating. I just try and eat mostly veggies, protein, and good carbs. I eat 1/2 banana and one sweet potato almost every day for good carbs. I consume a crazy amount of veggies all day long. I think this is key to get fiber and all your nutrients. I’m no longer eating dairy or gluten. This has made a huge difference for me. Follow along this month on instagram stories. I will be showing meal preps,grocery lists, and how I eat to get summer abs. Remember that water is key! 1 liter per day.

BLACK SWIMSUIT (sold out yesterday after I linked it to Nordstrom) Grab it HERE!|  AVIATORSGLORIA HAT 


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