Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts

first don’t forget to enter the $200 giveaway to the Protein Bars I eat every single day. Winner gets 8 boxes. Enter here Also sharing what I eat almost every day.

I rounded up all of my favorite things to help your significant other surprise you with a great gift this weekend. Just send them this link and you will definitely be taken care of. I hope all of you get spoiled this weekend and have a great time honoring the women in your life.

Last year on Mother’s Day I spoke in my church and was super intimidated to speak on such an emotional day. I got through it and it ended up being one of my best memories. I shared moments from my past that have helped me grow as a mother and woman. Chloe (my youngest and now 6)  was born pre-mature (at 4 pounds) and this experience ended up being one of my most special spiritual experiences yet. I shared moments from this post when my daughter Gwen ended up in the hospital for a week when she couldn’t breathe on her own. I remember so vividly praying harder than I ever have in that hospital room. Motherhood is tough and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’ve grown and stretched as a person. I know I have a lot more to learn and I’m thankful I have my three kids to share life with. I’m forever grateful. I’m also forever grateful for my own mother and mom-in-law. These women are wise, kind, and huge examples of living a christ centered life. Cheers to all of  YOU  ladies and the wonderful women that surround all of us. big hugs!!

Mother's Day Collage

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the women in your life, Mother’s Day 2017

1-2. Insulated Water Bottle – black & white  3.Spray Tan Kit with St. Tropez 4. T3 White/Gold Blowdryer 5. 1.5 Curling Iron 

6. Nu Face Facial Toning Kit – I use this every other night. It works! Lifts and tones your skin!! No more joules, and perfect for under chin/jaw

7. Narcisico Rodriguez Perfume for her – this is the perfume I chased the lady in Paris to find out what it was! Read it here (#13)

8. Jo Malone Perfume – the perfect soft summer fragrance. I use this during the day. And #7 at night or while working on a job.

9. Pom Pom Clutch 10. Straw Bag with Pom Poms 11. Black Pom Pom Straw Bag 12. Multi-Color Straw Bag

13. Black Pom Pom Straw Bag 14. Gucci Bag 15. Blazer Cape in Black & White 16. Fitting Blazer

17. Michael Stars Tank Dress 18. Free People Top 19. Stuart Weitzman Heels

20. Free People Sandals  21.Black & White Swimsuit

22. White Swimsuit  23. Tasseled Cover-Up

24. Givenchy Sunglasses 25. Initial Necklaces 26. Michele Watch White Strap 27. Michele Watch – gift with purchase

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!  My favorite gift is this breakfast in bed ( easy overnight cinnamon rolls) and my homemade necklaces I wear every single year. We either bake these copy-cat Levain Chocolate Chip cookies (best cookies in NYC) or head to the city to play in Central Park. Love you all!


My favorite product of 2017 is this BAKED FACE & BODY FROSTING BRONZER a perfect Mother’s Day gift!



don’t forget to enter my favorite protein bar giveaway. 8 BOXES for the lucky winner.

don’t forget to enter my favorite protein bar giveaway. 8 BOXES for the lucky winner.

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  1. Rachel Beus says:

    You’re an amazing mom jenna!! Love reading your posts and previous posts you’ve put links to. Happy Mother’s Day to you! You are loved by so many! You are such an example of how to juggle fitness, fashion, church, strength, fun, kindness, (etc,etc) and motherhood all in one! Xoxo

    Love Rachel❤️

  2. Tara Thompson says:

    The picture of you holding the baked bronzer, your jeans look so comfy here. Have you posted these jeans in the past?

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