Made For Play

There is never a dull moment with these two around. They bring so much spunk and adventure to our family. Keeping them in clothes that allows them to play hard while still expressing their love for fashion is always my goal. Luckily Kohl’s has us covered. I shop for all their activewear and play clothes HERE. I get the best discounts from the brands we love; Nike, Adidas,Ralph Lauren. These clothes are made to play in.

We spend so much time outside at our neighborhood park and at the beach. Playtime is so important to my kids. It’s our time to spend quality time as a family and build new memories. It’s so important for them to have good quality clothes to play and get messy in. I love catching them in the middle of their secret handshakes or talking about all their crushes at school. These two keep me on my toes and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank goodness for affordable clothes for my kids at Kohl’s.

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Outfit 1 Nike TOP & SHORTS $28! | Black Nike Sneakers

Outfit 2 Nike RACER BACK TANK |  Nike LEGGINGS | Grey & Peach Nike SNEAKERS


thanks for sponsoring this post Kohl’s and ShopStyle

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