Amazon Prime Day

I love how my two favorite sales of the year fall on the same week. Just when I thought the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale couldn’t get any better, I’m warming up with Amazon Prime Day. We are frequent prime users in our house. There have been many times that I’ve forgotten something at the store, needed a last minute gift, or just found a deal I couldn’t beat, and Amazon has saved me. There really is something for everyone on Amazon so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite deals and how to navigate the sale.


Amazon Prime Day is a day for Prime Members, this includes trial, student, family, fresh, and household memberships.

Early sneak peeks started last night, but the sale actually starts today! Deals are released throughout the day as well as special giveaways. SPOTLIGHT deals runs until the item runs out of stock, you’ve got to be quick because these are usually some of the best sales. LIGHTNING deals pop of at random for a limited amount of time; when it ends, it ends. All day SAVINGS are promotions that run the entire day. My tip for you is to download the Amazon app, this is the best way to stay in the know.  Once you have the app, click “Today’s Deals”, then “Upcoming” and you will be able to access deals before they go live and be alerted when they are live by clicking “Watch This Deal”! You can also create a wish list of items and get an alert if it hits the sale! It’s the coolest, Amazon really has thought of everything!

If you already use Alexa, you can hear about the deals this way. If you don’t have an Echo, make sure you add it to your must-have list.unnamed-1


If you’ve been following me for some time, you know I have sworn by this curling wand for years. It’s my absolute favorite. This is one of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen it. And throw in this brush, such a great price for a two pack.

This stroller is excellent. I can’t even believe it’s included in the sale, but it is, so I would grab it. Throw in this monitor while you’re at it. This is one of my favorite sunscreens for all the kids. You can also save 20% on diaper subscriptions just by having Prime. You’ll be set. See more baby items HERE

I love that I can save a few trips to the store and order some of my favorite food items on amazon. Growing up in Arizona and not being able to drink the tap water made me a bit of a water snob, Fiji is my favorite. I also love coconut water for after a workout. These apple chips are a fan favorite amongst all of us, as is this pancake and waffle mix. I cook with this daily and always keep a few of these and these in my purse for the days that I’m on-the-go. See more of MUST-HAVES from Amazon. 

You can never have too many water bottles; I swear my kids eat them. Or just take them to school and forget them 😉 Hard boiled eggs are one of my favorite foods and I always find a way to fit them into my macros; this takes the guess work out of cooking them. If you are a macro counter, you need this. I’m not one to love anything on my counter tops, but I would display this KitchenAid without a question!


This sale really has it all, fashion, health & beauty, prime pantry (this is a game changer), and more!

If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for a 30-day Prime Free Trial. Free two-day shipping (usually even quicker) alone makes it worth it to me. In some cities, you can even have access to Prime Now, one-hour delivery. Amazon Entertainment is a great added bonus to having a Prime account. This isn’t an ad, but we are extremely loyal and avid Amazon users, it’s a real life saver!

XXO lisa

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