a few things….




1.My favorite KALE SALAD RECIPE with homemade dressing is so good! Put the dressing in a blender and use for the entire week. I use veganaise in mine. I eat this a couple times a week.

2.Have you taken the Myers & Briggs personality test? I was in the Hamptons this weekend with girlfriends and we stayed up waaaay too late. One of the discussions involved this test. It’s super interesting to find out how you are hard wired. It also explains why other people in your life might think the way they do or when you question their motives and actions. It’s super intriguing.

3.This FAUX FUR COLLARED COAT is unreal. I have to have it now. It’s also NAVY!!

4.Obsessed with the TOPSHOP SWEATERS right now. I found this EMERALD GREEN beauty with oversized buttons. It’s selling out fast, I found this similar  GREEN SWEATER.

5.This JUMPSUIT is my all time fave! Putting this white bodysuit underneath.

6.Crazy about this LIP OIL by CLARINS. It leaves the prettiest color on your lips and is super hydrating. Love the raspberry and red cherry!

7. My girlfriends introduced me to a new EYEBROW ARCH SCULPTING PENCIL that is life changing. I have it in blonde. We also tried on the lips from Hourglass and wanted this one, but it was sold out. I just found it online.


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