3 things on my mind…


3 things on my mind…

1.Did anyone see the Big Brother finale last night? First, I thought it was a terrible season of players. However, the entire family was glued to the TV 3 nights per week. What a shock that Josh won! He was mine and Jeff’s pick of the remaining 3. An even bigger shock…Cody winning fan favorite! I loved it! He was the only player to not buy into Paul and I think America respected that.

2.I posted a Instagram on my personal account last week with my hair girl, Brit. And…Brittany and I are still answering DM’s wanting to know what curling iron she used. This is the CURLING IRON! Brittany says it’s the best she’s ever used, ever! She is also a makeup artist and had my buy this MIST while in her chair. She says to keep in it your purse and spritz midday. Your makeup will look completely refreshed. Sold!

3. I’m on the hunt for new denim. TIP: I always find better denim online than I do in stores. I think it helps seeing a photo of the jeans on a model (maybe not for my self esteem, but..;)) Even if I am just wanting one new pair of jeans, I order 5 or 6 to try on. Once they arrive, I try them all on, see which fit the best and return the others. Here are the 5 headed my way right now: McGuire Skinny, AG Button Fly, AGOLDE Loose, CofH Dree and Madewell High Rise. 

BONUS: the puff sleeve denim jacket created some buzz on my Sunglass Hut post.  It’s old Zara, but I searched and searched and found some dupes for you! Here they are, all UNDER $100: THIS | THIS | THIS 

XXO lisa

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