I’m so happy about our Real Mom.  Today we get to hear from our very own co-editor, Lisa Harris. I started this blog journey with Lisa over a year ago. I have learned so much from her. She has become one of my closest friends. She is beautiful (inside and out), a great listener and holy moly is she strong. I look up to her for so many reasons. She is an amazing single mom and manages to keep up with everything in her life. You will love reading all of her answers to the Q&A I gave her. And if you ever get the chance to dance with her, just ask for a “heel toe”. You’ll want to steal her dance moves.

Lisa2What has been your biggest challenge?

Definitely my divorce. I was married for 10+ years and spent the last three of those years in a hard situation. I was 8 month’s pregnant with my youngest, Goldie when we decided to end our marriage. I can remember being in the delivery room all alone begging my Heavenly Father for peace. I was scared out of my mind to have a newborn, plus two more daughters at home that needed me in a big way. All I could do was sob at what my life had become. My entire world had been flipped upside down. The moment the doctor laid Goldie on my chest was a defining moment in my life. All the fear and anger washed away and I felt a complete sense of peace. It’s easy to be angry about a hard situation, but looking back, I have been able to feel gratitude for the challenges I had, and all that I have learned from them. I was humbled in a BIG way.

What is the hardest thing about being a single mom?

Being just that, a single mom. Having to play both roles of mom and dad can be a challenge. When I was married I took for granted simple things like running to the store solo or being able to train for a race early in morning before the house awoke. It’s been a learning experience. I’m grateful my girls have adapted well, and have always had a really great attitude when it comes to change.


Where are your top 5 places you shop online?

Nordstrom, Shopbop, Free People, Asos, and West Elm.

What is your trick in raising such sweet and grounded kids?

Well, that sure is nice of you to say. Most days I feel like I’m failing as mom. I think regardless of one’s situation it’s easy to for moms to feel guilt and that they need to be doing more. I’m an observer. I like to see how other mom’s in my life handle different situations, then I try to incorporate their successes in my own parenting. A lot can be learned from watching others.

Describe your style.

I am a jeans and tee girl. My closet is a sea of gray, white and navy tees and every style of jean out there. But, I really love accessories. Big rings, lots of bracelets, and layering necklaces are my go-to.

What’s your favorite way to exercise?

I was a trainer for a few years and loved to incorporate free weights, cardio, and plyometrics. Recently I started a class at Barre 3 and I love it! I think it’s great to mix things up. Shock your body so it’s doesn’t get bored.

There are so many diets out there right now. Do you follow a certain diet or way of eating?

I’m not a big believer in diets. I am a big believer that if you eat in moderation and incorporate protein and veggies as often as possible you will look and feel better. I personally think extreme diets are too hard to maintain and typically cause an increase in weight over time. Again, my own opinion. I don’t want any #whole30 backlash please.:)

What does a typical Saturday look like?

I try and sleep in till at least 8 on Saturday. Like I’ll bribe my kids into being quiet just so I can stay in bed. Once I’m up I drink a protein drink, check emails, then the kids and I get the house cleaned up. After that it’s off to the beach with a stop at Chick-fil-a for a diet Coke and Trader Joe’s for snacks. There is nothing I love more than leaving a house clean while the kids and I play at the beach.


What is your favorite mommy moment and what is your most embarrassing?

My favorite moment would be the first time I saw this photo. It was the first family photo taken without my ex. I opened up the file of images and just cried. It was the realization that I was on my own and also a confirmation that I could do it alone. Embarrassing? Just your typical child swearing in public mimicking something I said earlier in the day.

Two beauty products you can’t live without:

I don’t think I can say just two…here are some of of my ABSOLUTE must haves.
Philosophy shower gel | Donna Karen deodorant | M.A.C 3D mascara | Obagi eye roller | Aquaphor | It’s a 10 | The Balm foundation (I use it as a concealer)

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I’m an open book, so I don’t know if any of this would be a surprise but here are a few of my claim to fame/shames. I am obsessed with Regis Philbin and Robert from Shark Tank. I can’t explain it, I just am. I’m kind-of a closet eater. Like from the outside I look like I might care about what I put in my body but I’ve been known to eat a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes in 20 mins with a witness. I’ve never done a cartwheel, seen Seinfeld, or swallowed a pill.

Top 5 on wish list-
The Alexander Wang bucket bag | Rag & Bone sandals | Isabel Marant tie sandals | Another Feather set of 3 gold rings | New desk chair

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