It’s true and it’s real, I have anxiety.  I worry & stress about everything.  It’s not a fun way to live and I can’t tell you the amount of times close friends and family have told me to “just chill”.  Well- you can only imagine my excitement when I was walking through Whole Foods a few weeks ago and found a drink called “Just Chill” that helps calm you.  I bought one, drank it and loved it!  The taste is great and I noticed a huge difference in my temperament as I sat down an hour later to do the dreaded after school homework with my kids.  This drink makes a fantastic pick me up in the afternoon.  Did I mention that it has won an award from Bevnet?  And that it has a ton of health benefits?
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When I came home to research this company, I was happy to find out they were local and right here in Southern California.  Four guys who went to college together (all under the age 26 by the way) started it and you can read the story on how it all began here. They have had articles written about their company in the Huffington Post and The LA Times.  Just Chill has also been seen in Life&Style magazine, Oprah magazine and on Ellen!
What’s the science behind Just Chill? One of it’s main ingredients is L-Theanine which is a unique amino acid that has been clinically shown to help reduce stress, elevate mood and increase focus. It also contains Lemongrass, Vitamin C, B-Vitamin Complex, Magnesium and Zinc.  All of which have amazing benefits that you can read all about here.
Just Chill can be ordered online here and can be found in select Whole Foods, Vons Pavilions, Fresh & Easy and Target stores.  To see where it’s carried near you click here.
Cheers to a more calm life.