There are people that are meant to throw parties. My sister in law, Rachael and her sister Lacy are those people. Over the weekend Jenna and I attended the most beautiful garden baby shower for our friend Shalayne. Every detail was planned out. Lacy’s husband even designed and built five picnic tables for the party! 
The Waffle Crush truck (an Arizona favorite) served up every waffle imaginable. My personal favorite is the cinnamon sugar, add strawberries and ice cream. It’s amazing!
From the hanging vases, to hand died tassel garland, gold burlap table runners, and the most adorable baby succulents we joked (or not) that this shower was nicer than most of our weddings. 
Every mom needs/wants a Stokke stroller and Shalayne was lucky enough to get the Stokke Scoot and Stokke baby carrier!

Jenna: Hat(similar) / Dress / Shoes / Glasses

 Rachael: Top/ Jeans / Glasses
Lisa: Dress / Glasses
Maury: Top / Jeans / Glasses 
Getting our bodies through these windows was a bigger challenge than we thought. :)
Parents to be: Clayton & Shalayne Wyatt with their new Stokke Stroller 
*winner of the Weelicious cookbook is: 
Coming up with lunch ideas everyday kills me. I would love this book!