As a trainer there is no greater feeling than taking the “after” photo of a client. These women work hard! They know that just coming to my class three times a week for a workout is not going to give them the body they dream of. Diet is essential in weight loss. There’s no way getting around that. 
Let me mention that my tips and tricks will most likely not be the same as another trainer. We all have our own opinions and views and that’s okay. The tips below are what each of the women featured did and found huge success with. 
  • Record your food. Every day. Not to an app on your phone or in a journal. Record and report your food intake to another person. I encourage my clients to text me everything they eat. EVERYTHING. Not only does it allow me to give suggestions for healthier choices but more importantly so they can hold themselves accountable. Find a friend and start texting!
  • No carbs past 3pm. That includes fruit. Stick with protein and veggies after 3pm. 
  • No food past 6pm on weekdays and 7pm on weekends. Doesn’t matter if you go to bed at 10pm or 1am. Not even one almond, or a single grape. Nothing! You will be starving the first week and hold a grudge towards your husband as he eats in bed next to you, but don’t cave! You will see and feel HUGE results from this. Promise. 
  • Most important tip, DO NOT get on the scale for 3 weeks. It’s natural when you start changing your eating habits to want to see results right away. That’s not reality. If you get on the scale and don’t see a change within a few days, especially when you really want that ice cream, it’s easy to give up. So get on today, record your weight(maybe to the texting friend), stick to the above plan, then weigh yourself again 3 weeks from now.